DAS the 4th Utility

DAS – the 4th Utility

Traditionally Building owners already provide three basic utilities: Water (and sewer), Power (electricity & gas) and Wired Connectivity (telephone & CATV), and many go on to provide certain amenities (parking, workout facilities). The newest utility demand that developers are now becoming aware of is for in-building wireless coverage service to enable seamless cellular handset reception in and out of the building (including the garage etc.).

This is a new and compelling way to attract and retain tenants in both retail, and the housing market. Cellphone usage has supplanted the traditional home phone; and data usage for live streaming and social applications are now priorities. During the Fiberconnect tradeshow the following points regarding the emerging enterprise market for DAS were driven home:

  • 80% of all cell phone calls originate inside a building and nearly three out of four tenants in office towers say they have poor cellular service at work. In-building wireless systems help increase positive tenant and or worker experience.
  • 84% of potential tenants are willing to pay more per square foot for a building with a proven cellular connectivity infrastructure.
  • 77% of tenants are putting wireless connectivity in their top three reasons to lease. It has already been documented that this is “need” places higher on a list of needs then transportation
  • In-Building service has become an essential service, the fourth Utility – categorized as such for work, family balance and public safety.

These salient points indicate the need from a sales perspective to speak with enterprise building developers, and the OEMs for opportunities that speak to Optical Zonu’s solutions.

It has been a great trade show for meeting people and finding the decision makers for future projects.

Paul M Antola – Sales Engineering East for Optical Zonu Corporation