From Michael J. Hartmann, VP of Business Development Digital Marketing

Did you know that the OZC Micro-OTDR SFP/SFP+ fiber optic transceivers are the only components of their type which support both data transmission, and automatically detect, locate and report faults found at the physical layer of optical fiber networks? (This feature is protected under several US patents.) At the start-up of the optical fiber link, the Micro-OTDR automatically runs to measure the full end-to-end distance of the optical fiber link, and also calculates the optical signal to noise (OSNR). We call these measurements the “Link Birth Certificate”, because it becomes the reference distance value to which future Micro-OTDR fault measurements are compared. If the measured link distance to a fault is less than the “Link Birth Certificate”, the fault is in the optical fiber cable plant – notify and send the Fiber Techs. If the measured link distance to the fault is the same as the “Link Birth Certificate”, the fault is in the terminal equipment – notify and send the Equipment Techs. This feature eliminates the detection time component of the mean time to recovery (MTTR) from a network fault, a significant part of the overall cost incurred by the network operator. For more information on the Micro-OTDR SFP transceiver products, contact us at Also, please see our Ad in the current Telecom Ramblings