Common Data Link “CDL” RF over Fiber

In our ever-changing world Secure RF communications is a must. The Common Data Link “CDL” surpasses the limited reach the RF cabling and unsecure nature. The CDL by transporting RF signals from a few MHz to beyond 60 GHz over the tamper-proof fiberoptic cable. This means your outdoor RF and Ethernet signals can be sent back to your SKIF, Bunker, Man-Pack or Outpost without fear of compromising your signals integrity.

  • The CDL outdoor equipment can be in the most convenient location for the user
  • Infrastructure cabling can take the most convenient path due to the fact of the low loss, EMI/RFI immunity of fiber optic cabling
  • High capacity functionality architecture
  • CDL applications are limitless since the signal are transported in their native format from a few meters to tens of kilometers and up to 100 kilometers. Thus, allowing safe operation of the
    equipment at a safe distance in hostile environments
  • The architecture shown in figure 1 shows a typical bidirectional CDL system. This equipment can support ground deployment, campuses, mining/offshore and building requirements. These
    scenarios create a challenge for traditional CDL systems
  • Easy installation using only single strand of fiber, for simple plug-play set up
  • Low maintenance

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