Optical Zonu’s GPS at the Edge Guarantees Maximum Throughput for 4G/5G Small Cells

High speed 4G and 5G networks require radios at the edge of the network to deliver full performance. This often means the radios are far from the central hub and the timing server. If the PTP timing signal must pass through one or more repeaters to reach the site, the resulting timing errors will result in a drastically reduced throughput. If a dedicated backhaul is being used, it may be possible to install a local timing server to correct these errors. However, this is not always available, especially when the public network is used for the backhaul. In this case, GPS must be brought to each of the radios. This can be an architecture problem when the radios are distributed throughout a building.
Optical Zonu’s GPS at the Edge Kit for Small Cells solves this problem by providing an easy-to-install and cost-effective method of routing the GPS signal directly to one or multiple small cells. The solution supports eFemtos, PicoCells and DRAN architectures. The GPS RF signal from the antenna is sent over optical fiber to the router location where it is optically split up to 16 ways. A hybrid fiber/CAT5 cable carries the GPS over fiber signal along with the backhaul and PoE to each small cell. Here, the small Base Unit recovers the GPS signal which is connected to the Small Cell auxiliary GPS port.