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J3U N+1 Redundancy

Many redundant signal architectures may be constructed in Optical Zonu’s J3U chassis platform. 1+1 architectures are common, however as a spare transmitter/receiver pair are required for each primary transmitter/receiver pair, the cost and rack space required by such a redundant system may become prohibitive. N+1 architectures require a spare transmitter/receiver pair for each N transmitter/receiver…

December 19, 2022December 19, 2022In Blog

RFoF for Satcom, Aerospace and Defense – Webinars

As 2022 draws to a close, we would like to express our gratitude to our customers and partners for making this last year another successful one. We wish you all the best for the upcoming Holiday season and for the New Year. We would like to begin the new year by sharing with you some…

December 9, 2022December 9, 2022In News

Optical Links

There are many benefits to using optical links, in place of waveguide and coaxial cable, for the transport of RF signals. In situations where equipment (antennas, satcom modems, etc.) are separated by long distances (> 100 meters), optical links provide low loss signal transport (~ 0.7 dB/km RF attenuation). Unlike copper, this fiber attenuation is…

November 18, 2022November 18, 2022In Blog

GPS Distribution

GPS is not only used for global positioning; many modern electronic communications systems rely on GPS distribution for timing and synchronization.  GPS distribution provides a global and universal time code signal that can be used to synchronize high speed communications between many different devices.  With wireless communications base stations becoming larger and more complex, they…

November 18, 2022November 18, 2022In Blog

Fiber Optic Fault Monitor (FOFM)

  Diagnosing failures in fiber optic links for telecommunications companies was the topic of this project conducted by a graduate student at Pontifical Catholic University, School of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications, in the Dominican Republic.  The project implemented was based upon “off-the-shelf” commercial products – adding the interface readout, and user functions, to make a…

October 24, 2022October 24, 2022In Blog

Zonu Connect DAS Interface Tray System Now Available in Modular 1RU Hot Swappable Chassis

DAS Interface Trays (DIT) are an essential part of any fiber optic DAS system.  These trays contain filters and amplifiers, and are responsible for conditioning the RF carrier signals for insertion into the remote Distributed Antenna System (DAS).  The optical transport step of a distributed DAS combines and lowers the power levels for all carriers…

September 23, 2022September 23, 2022In Blog

Optical Zonu Corporation Naval Waveguide Fiber Replacement

  Optical Zonu has successfully deployed fiber as a replacement for waveguide to transport Ku-Band CDL communications payloads between radomes mounted high above the decks of ships and equipment rooms situated within the hulls of ships. Antenna Remoting over fiber enables greater flexibility to locate an antenna away from a radio head. Waveguide (and coaxial…


Airwavz – A Happy OZC Customer

Optical Zonu Testimonial Airwavz and Optical Zonu have been working together multiple years. Both pre/post pandemic, Optical Zonu has been able to manage their timelines with exceptional communication. In a direct correlation from their transparency, it has made Airwavz be able to thrive and meet our dates to satisfy our customers as well. Optical Zonu…

June 28, 2022June 28, 2022In Blog

System Integrators Using RF over Fiber Optics in Place of Coax

RF over Fiber (RFoF) products are being used widely across the Telecom industry over the last decade. The technology transformation of RF transport replacing traditional Coaxial will only continue to increase for the foreseeable future. Optical Zonu is a premier OEM for RFoF since 2003 recognized and approved by all three US wireless carriers (Verizon,…

May 27, 2022May 27, 2022In Blog

How to describe the OZC Micro-OTDR™ SFP/SFP+ Transceivers in five (5) words, or less!

Industry standard SFP digital data transceivers are widely deployed in Switch, Router and other network equipment.  OZC offers direct functional replacements of these transceivers, with the additional capability to instantly detect, locate (within a few dozen meters) and report optical fiber faults to the NOC (network operations center) utilizing SNMP.  We call this the Micro-OTDR™…

May 25, 2022May 25, 2022In Blog