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Optical Zonu Annouces it’s Emcore Relief Program

Optical Zonu Corporation is already helping many former Emcore customers with their needs.  From new equipment that can be integrated into existing systems, repair and maintenance and even full system architectures. In addition to support of Emcore’s L-Band Optiva and 5200 Series products, Optical Zonu also offers replacement higher frequency (microwave) RF over fiber solutions…

May 22, 2023May 22, 2023In Blog

Emcore discontinues their Optoelectronics lines

To All of our Valued Customers and Partners, If you have not already heard, Emcore will shut down the Broadband business segment (cable TV, wireless, sensing, and chips) and discontinue their defense optoelectronics product lines.  Read more here Emcore Announces Restructuting Program  If you have been purchasing any of your RFoF requirements from or through Emcore or…

April 21, 2023April 21, 2023In Blog, News

A message for EMCORE Corporation Employees

With the announcement that Emcore has “shut down the Broadband business segment (cable TV, wireless, sensing, and chips) and discontinue our defense optoelectronics product lines.”  If you are facing or have been layed off or released Optical Zonu Corp. is hiring! Please reach out to me with your area of expertise and salary requirements. We would…

April 21, 2023April 21, 2023In Blog, News

GPS Re-Radiate

When we talk about GPS over Fiber, GPSoF, most think about timing for a Data Center or a Cellular Base Station.  There are many other applications for GPS.  GPS, or Global Positioning System, is often used for positioning, tracking vehicles, or people.  We rely on GPS for directions on our phones. One application is on…

April 14, 2023April 14, 2023In Blog

Optical Zonu – Switched Variable Fiber Optic RF Delay Lines

  Optical Zonu designs and manufactures both fixed and variable delay lines (up to 2 msec total). RF frequencies up to 50 GHz may be delayed. Switched delays with 4-, 8-, 12-bit (or more) delay resolution are available. Managed RFoF remote control (graphical user interface) is used to manage switch states remotely. of variable switched…

April 7, 2023April 7, 2023In Blog

What do you do When Your RFoF Provider Disappears?

  In this fast paced and quickly changing world, businesses come and go and decline and grow. If you have been purchasing your RFoF, GPS, or Base Station to DAS equipment from a business that seems to be waning, then it is time to discover Optical Zonu Corporation (OZC). OZC offers one of the broadest…

February 13, 2023February 13, 2023In Blog

Optical Zonu a Major Player at the Super Bowl Experience

  Cell phone service at the Super Bowl Experience is an important aspect for fans, players, and the media. With hundreds of thousands of people gathering at one location, the demand for cell phone service is high, and it can be a challenge for providers to meet this demand. For this upcoming event in Phoenix,…

February 6, 2023February 6, 2023In Blog

J3U N+1 Redundancy

Many redundant signal architectures may be constructed in Optical Zonu’s J3U chassis platform. 1+1 architectures are common, however as a spare transmitter/receiver pair are required for each primary transmitter/receiver pair, the cost and rack space required by such a redundant system may become prohibitive. N+1 architectures require a spare transmitter/receiver pair for each N transmitter/receiver…

December 19, 2022December 19, 2022In Blog

RFoF for Satcom, Aerospace and Defense – Webinars

As 2022 draws to a close, we would like to express our gratitude to our customers and partners for making this last year another successful one. We wish you all the best for the upcoming Holiday season and for the New Year. We would like to begin the new year by sharing with you some…

December 9, 2022December 9, 2022In News