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Airwavz – A Happy OZC Customer

Optical Zonu Testimonial Airwavz and Optical Zonu have been working together multiple years. Both pre/post pandemic, Optical Zonu has been able to manage their timelines with exceptional communication. In a direct correlation from their transparency, it has made Airwavz be able to thrive and meet our dates to satisfy our customers as well. Optical Zonu…

June 28, 2022June 28, 2022In Blog

System Integrators Using RF over Fiber Optics in Place of Coax

RF over Fiber (RFoF) products are being used widely across the Telecom industry over the last decade. The technology transformation of RF transport replacing traditional Coaxial will only continue to increase for the foreseeable future. Optical Zonu is a premier OEM for RFoF since 2003 recognized and approved by all three US wireless carriers (Verizon,…

May 27, 2022May 27, 2022In Blog

How to describe the OZC Micro-OTDR™ SFP/SFP+ Transceivers in five (5) words, or less!

Industry standard SFP digital data transceivers are widely deployed in Switch, Router and other network equipment.  OZC offers direct functional replacements of these transceivers, with the additional capability to instantly detect, locate (within a few dozen meters) and report optical fiber faults to the NOC (network operations center) utilizing SNMP.  We call this the Micro-OTDR™…

May 25, 2022May 25, 2022In Blog

ZONUSkyShot New Bluetooth – GPS Tester, a practical perspective

As an integrator, or an Operations or Construction Engineer you can really understand the need for GPS timing and the critical role it plays in building a network. Whether you are integrating a Macro-site, or a small cell or DAS system GPS timing is essential. Over the last two years our Original SkyShot product line…

May 17, 2022May 17, 2022In Blog

Optical Zonu Public Safety White Paper

Executive Summary Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (DAS) are designed to ensure fully functional RF communication for first responders. Traditionally the system employs external Antenna (Donor Antenna) or dedicated Base Station (with wired backhaul), to connect to existing wireless network and through a system of coax cables, amplifiers, and in-building antenna, ensures coverage within the…

May 9, 2022May 9, 2022In Blog

eFiberSat Remote Outdoor Unit – User Configurable Option

Optical Zonu has recently updated the Managed RFoF™ user interface to control various parameters at the antenna outdoor unit. In addition to the static and dynamic read-only values (e.g., internal temperature), there are several options that the user can configure remotely if an Ethernet over fiber datalink is in place between the IDU and ODU….

May 5, 2022May 6, 2022In Blog

OZC Welcomes Velavan Chinnadurai

Optical Zonu Corporation welcomes Velavan Cinnadurai as the newest member of our sales team.  Velavan joins OZC as the Wireless DAS Sales Manager for our western territory. Velavan has earned a master of business administration with a focus on international business and brings with him almost 20 years of RF engineering experience.  We are excited…

April 1, 2022April 1, 2022In News

OZC CEO Guest Speaker at U.S. – EU Trade and Technology Council

Optical Zonu Corporation CEO, Meir Bartur, was a featured panelist for the Trade and Technology Council conference held November 18, 2021.  This high profile event was supported by the U,S.. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of State Priorities and the U.S. Trade Representative for Europe.  In the closing Stakeholder remarks Mr. Bartur was a joined…

November 18, 2021November 18, 2021In News

Part II – Exploiting the Micro-OTDR ORL/OSNR Measurement Feature to Improve Network Reliability

Part II Exploiting the Micro-OTDR ORL/OSNR Measurement Feature to Improve Network Reliability The ORL/OSNR Measurement (optical return loss / optical signal to noise ratio) feature of the Micro-OTDR SFPs measures the optical fiber link ORL during the normal Micro-OTDR start-up “handshaking” routine of the SFPs, before the data link is made. The receiver also measures…

November 10, 2021November 10, 2021In Blog

OZC is a Winner at the World Series

When you are playing in the World Series and you have homefield advantage like the Houston Astros did, you want to make sure that your fans have access to every form of online media, using their phones, tablets or other connected devices…. And they did with the Optical Zonu ZonuConnect in their starting line up….

November 9, 2021November 9, 2021In Blog