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Capex and Opex Savings with Micro-OTDR

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Stealth Communications Services LLC
iSFC® Single-Fiber, Single-Wavelength, CWDM


Stealth Communications, a privately-held, independent ISP, provides ultrafast Gigabit Internet connectivity to NYC businesses over its own fiber-optic system. Beginning in 1995, Stealth has delivered broadband connections throughout the city. Since receiving authorization from the City of New York in 2013, Stealth commenced constructing its fiber network, built block-by-block. Stealth offers some of NYC’s fastest and most reliable Internet service at reasonable rates, providing a valuable platform for New York’s businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive.

“OZC Single-Fiber, Single-Wavelength, Micro-OTDR, and Data-Only, iSFC® Transceivers, transmit and receive, at the same wavelength, doubling the optical fiber plant capacity.”


• Maintain competitive SLAs for rapidly growing network infrastructure in metropolitan NYC.• Stay within the CAPEX budget 
    while meeting access network installation and service requirements.
• Minimize deployment time for new subscribers – Small, Medium and Large Enterprises.
• Realize true OPEX savings by sending the right repair techs, to the right place, without delay.




“OZC Single-Fiber, Single-Wavelength, Micro-OTDR, and Data-Only, iSFC® Transceivers, transmit and receive, at

 the same wavelength, over the same optical fiber, doubling the optical fiber plant capacity,” said Shrihari Pandit, President and CEO of Stealth Communications. “Deployment times and costs are both significantly reduced by this Single-Fiber Bidirectional Access Network approach.”

In addition, upon disruption of the data link, or failure to connect, the iSFC® Transceivers switch into μOTDR™ Mode, instantaneously detecting, locating, and reporting the optical fiber fault. This eliminates the Detection Time component of the cost of the Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) from an optical fiber network fault. Reflection Immune Operation – RIO® – resolves self-reflection from an open connector and/or other reflectors, a problem found in legacy single-wavelength bidirectional optical fiber links.

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