Congressman Cardenas and Manufacturing in a Pandemic

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Meir Bartur: Optical Zono is a design and manufacturing company that produces advanced equipment for fiber optic communication we focus on analog transport by which we replace the coax cables that we all know for our tv with fiber optics and enable capabilities that are not otherwise available with the old cable type technology. Being a small company in the U.S. that is manufacturing in the U.S. that has to maintain its edge and its advantage in a competitive marketplace, we work without external investors, we have no external debt and we grow the company in a very careful steady way that give us the basis for continuation and for longevity and for long-term support of our customers, such that our customers know that we will be there for the long term. We have supplied things to NATO in the mid 2000s that are still functional but they know that when something is needed or they need to update it, they have it. With all the issues that people hear about regulation in California and in the U.S. in general it is always good to have good close relationships with the local congressman, especially a congressman that supports manufacturing and technology.

Congressman Cardenas: Hi I’m Tony Cardenas I’m a congressman for this area. I was here for the grand opening, but here we are during this crazy time of the pandemic and manufacturing is all over the place.

Meir Bartur: So in general we are live and kicking and growing and doing it in the middle of San Fernando valley we as a U.S. manufacturer we highly appreciate the support and the contribution that that congressman Cardenas is doing for manufacturing in San Fernando valley and we hope that we’ll continue that collaboration going forward.