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  • Standard SFP (MSA Form Factor) links automatically (like any SFP) with a counterpart at the other end of the optical fiber link.
  • Upon detecting a link “break”, or fault, the unit transforms into a Micro-OTDR.
  • High optical power pulses are sent and sensitive circuitry measures all of reflections detected.
  • Internal processing eliminates false detection, and ensures reliable measurement of more than 10 reflection points (e.g. bad splice, micro crack, dirty connectors)
  • All results are available, via IIC bus of the SFP, to the host Switch
  • Our S11 Switch enables retention of the optical fiber link “birth certificate” (the initial measurement of the link distance, and any reflections) and SNMP creates traps of any change in the optical fiber link status.
  • A special feature called Delta Power Sensing (DPS), enables monitoring during data transport.
  • When a fault is detected (LOS goes High) , the Micro-OTDR SFP automatically changes over to Micro-OTDR mode. It will return to data transport mode when the fault is resolved (i.e. LOS goes Low).


• Same model part number used on both sides of optical fiber link.
• No requirement for matched or complementary pairs.
ZonuColor Coding simplifies operation, reduces installation time.
RIO® feature eliminates reflection problems.
• The Delta Power Sense (DPS) function detects instantaneous optical spikes.
• SFP and SFP+ Transceivers with a built-in automatic integral Micro-OTDR feature – Link “Birth Certificate”.

Summary of Benefits:

Legacy - handheld ODTR
✓- Instantaneous
✓-In the SFP
✓-At the end of every link
✓-Carries data

Our single fiber (iSFC®) and dual fiber (iDFC) Micro-OTDR SFP Transceivers support all eighteen (18) CWDM Wavelengths, plus the 1625 nm monitor channel for operation above the C-Band and CWDM data channels.

The identical part number model is used on both sides of the optical fiber link, that is, there is no requirement for matched pairs, or complementary pairs.  This means fewer SKUs to inventory, track and manage, as well as, less splicing in the field, simplified fiber optics inventory and higher Network Reliability.

Complete end-to-end optical link ZonuColor Coding simplifies operation, reduces installation time and reduces installation errors.

Our unique RIO® feature eliminates reflection problems which plague legacy SFSW SFPs. Reflection Immune Operation – RIO®

The Delta Power Sense (DPS) function detects instantaneous optical spikes (i.e. fast changes in optical power, up or down). Delta Power Sense (DPS)

The Micro-OTDRμOTDR is a new Approach to Optical Fiber Fault Monitoring – SFP and SFP+ Transceivers with a built-in automatic OTDR feature. Micro-OTDR –  μOTDR 

To materially improve the reliability of the Access Network, fault detection must be fast, distributed and pervasive. Design, Statistical Analysis & Detection Probability

Micro-OTDR Operation:

Based upon unique technology developed and patented by OZC. Fiber optic data transport device – in an industry standard format (multi-source agreement – MSA – defined shape and functionality). Available in two configurations: Single Fiber Single Wavelength (SFSW) and conventional Dual Fiber.