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Read the following Technical and Economics White Papers to gain a better understanding of the Benefits of monitoring your network with our Micro-OTDR SFP Transceivers, and to see how our OEM and End-User Customers are deploying these products to both their economic and technical advantage.

Technical or Economics Papers

>>Localized Monitoring and Reporting of Your Fiber Optic Network Status

White paper by DPS Telecom™ on the subjects of Remote Monitoring & Control.

>>Gigabit SFP Transceiver with Integrated Optical Time Domain Reflectometer for Ethernet Access Services

By BT Research & Innovation (Neil Parkin & Derek Nesset) and Optical Zonu (Meir Bartur & David Jenkins)

>>Automatic Detection of Optical “Faults” in Communications Networks: An Efficient, Fast, Physical Layer Monitoring Approach for Access Networks

By Meir Bartur (Optical Zonu Corp.)

>>Ethernet Demarcation Devices with Built-in OTDR for Fibre Fault-Finding

White paper by Metrodata (UK)

>>Single fiber single wavelength gigabit transceivers

White paper by Meir Bartur (Optical Zonu Corp.)