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Brief Transcription

Welcome this video is part of our series of video that are designed to provide an introductory and simple explanation to our product offering for those of you who work for a major US wireless carrier please check our LinkedIn user group that is dedicated to the specific equipment that is used by you carrier in general we are always here to help both in the design in explanation we are working out
one-on-one any which way that we can do to help in making our product users friendly and useful for you on your particular application thank you for your attention and here is the video
Hello this is Britt from Optical Zonu today we’re going to give a brief overview of the e-fiber sat antenna remoting over fiber subsystem as well as its remote user interface the e-fiber sat system consists of an ip67 outdoor enclosure that’s located at the antenna and a 19 inch 1ru chassis that’s located indoors the system can accommodate up to 4 up links and or downlinks there are 50 ohm end connectors on the top of this box all of those are multiplexed onto a single fiber and transported to the indoor chassis and traffic may be either all of the traffic is multiplexed onto a single fiber one may transport a very low phase noise reference clock from the indoor Satcom modem to the antenna one may also set voltages on the center pins of the RF connectors to power LNBs and block up converters at the antenna so now we’ll look at a few of the detailed features on the ip67 outdoor enclosure unit so the eFiberSat ip67 outdoor enclosure has four 50 ohm n connectors uh for connecting to LNBs or block up converters at the antenna for each of those four channels there are status indicators the status and health indicator of each of the channels then on the other side of the outdoor unit we have the 12 volt power input as well as the single fiber connection to the outdoor unit moving over to the managed RF over fiber graphical user interface we see representations of the e sat indoor unit and the e-fiber sat outdoor unit within the connection view it is possible to monitor the outdoor unit from an internet connection to the as a result of the fact that we have a ethernet over fiber data link connecting the indoor unit and the outdoor unit the ethernet over fiber data link connecting the indoor and outdoor units is made possible by having an s11 managed switch together with an Optical Zonu SFP pluggable transceiver within both the indoor unit and the outdoor enclosure and this fiber data link is multiplexed together with the RF onto a single fiber earlier we created numbers and earlier using the command line interface we created Optical Zonu addresses for both the indoor unit and the outdoor unit we can see a more detailed status by clicking on one of the icons presented for the indoor unit we can click to see detail of the individual transmitters and receivers as well as the power supply and the s11 switch and SFP themselves so if we click on the transmitter icon we can see detailed information about the transmitter within the indoor unit or one of the transmitters within the indoor unit we can see various static data about the transmitter itself it’s firmware revision date code that it was manufactured and tested we also can see various dynamic data for the transmitter such as the the board level temperature the transmitter optical output power the laser bias current and we also have a toggle switch with which we can toggle the transmitter power on and off clicking on the receiver icon brings up data on the receiver sub-assembly within the indoor unit so once again static data such as a firmware revision serial number manufacturing date code as well as dynamic data such as board level temperature and received optical power the receiver slot window also provides a means of setting up alarm limits for high and low optical received power we can click on the power supply icon and we are presented with data relevant to the ac power supply we click on the management and network icon and we can see status that is relevant to the s11 managed switch within the indoor unit clicking over on the sfp tabs we can see some static data on the sfp we can see dynamic data on the s11 switch and the sfp optical transceiver such as board temperature and transmit and received optical power levels again the fiber transmitter may be enabled or disabled and alarm limits can be set up around the received optical power the programmed ip address as well as the firmware version of the s11 managed switch as shown here and then for information on the sfp and the OTDR if enabled we click here and we see additional information for the sfp as well as the means of using and controlling the micro OTDR we will discuss the micro OTDR in more detail in other videos so moving over to the outdoor unit we can click on the transmit and receive icon to get detailed information regarding the optical transmitters and receivers within the outdoor enclosure so in the outdoor enclosure we have two transmitters and two receivers and those are essentially shown as sub slots to this one transmit and receive slot we can have up to four transmitters and or receivers in the first sub-slot we have a transmitter essentially the same status information is provided here as was provided for the transmitter and the indoor unit one added capability of the fiber transmitters in the outdoor enclosure is the fact that we can add a bias t to supply a voltage on the center pin of the rf connector in order to power antenna elements such as LNBs we can control via a drop down menu the voltage that is presented so that can be 13 volts 15 volts 18 volts and we can also have a 22 kilohertz tone either present or disabled click on the second tab to show information on the the module that’s in sub slot number two which in this case is a receiver the receiver presents the same data and options as the receiver of the indoor unit click on the third sub slot which is a second transmitter and click on the fourth sub slot which is a second receiver similar to the indoor unit we can click on the management icon for the outdoor enclosure and we can see relevant status information for the s11 managed switch and sfp optical transceiver within the outdoor unit [Music] so this has been a brief overview of the managed RF over Fiber graphical user interface or the e-fiber sat antenna remoting solution thank you for watching our video for  more information visit our webpage www.opticalzonu.com thank you