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Brief Transcription

Hello this is Britt from Optical Zonu. Today I will give a brief overview of Optical Zonu’s eFiberSat turnkey solution for antenna remoting.

In many cases antennas are 10s or 100s of meters or perhaps even kilometers away from satcom modems. In such cases, transport over fiber optics is necessary. The eFiberSat solution consists of three parts. There is an IP-67 environmentally hardened outdoor enclosure. There is a 19” 1RU rack mount indoor unit. And finally, a single mode fiber to connect the two. eFiberSat can accommodate up to four uplinks and/or downlinks. There are four RF connectors on the outdoor unit (ODU) to connect to block upconverters (BUCs) and low noise downconverters (LNBs), amplifiers.

eFiberSat can also transport up to two very low phase noise reference clocks from the indoor unit, from the satcom modem or timing server, out to the antenna for distribution to the various elements at the antenna.

Each of the eFiberSat outdoor unit RF connectors can be configured with an integrated bias-T. Integrated bias-Ts can be configured with 13V or 18V, a 22 kHz tone can be added as well to power and to send control signals to the elements at the antenna.

As noted before, all signals between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit are wavelength multiplexed together and transported on a single mode fiber. Both the indoor unit and the outdoor unit can be monitored over private or public networks. Each has an RJ-45 Ethernet connector. Both SNMP v2 and v3, as well as a proprietary web-based graphical user interface (GUI) are supported.

The optical fiber datalink can also be configured with Optical Zonu’s patented micro-OTDR technology. In this way if the indoor unit and the outdoor unit are located far apart, or if there are multiple fiber segments in between the two, the micro-OTDR can identify and locate a fiber break or fault between the two locations.

This has been a brief overview of the Optical Zonu eFiberSat turnkey solution for antenna remoting. For more information, thank you.

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