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In English let me continue by saying that today we are very pleased to be supporting a leading company in its field Optical Zonu Corporation  and its Italian representative Sincron Sistemi we hope that you find today’s program enlightening and useful and please count and I mean this uh please count on me and my colleague Luca Trito at the embassy for any support that you need in working with Sincron Sistemi and welcome everybody and thank you for your attendance today.

Thank you Matthew good morning everyone and thank you for all the times um I would like to start with this large thank you to the U.S. embassy crew Matthew and Elisa and Lucca who have made this event possible the behind-the-scene walk of Delia and Julian Hennessey from the U.S. Commercial Services is the engine that drove us here and I want to thank our partner our Sincron Sistemi, Dario and Marco for their help and again good eve/good morning to all of you and thank you for the participation in this presentation.  What we will show here today is basically to highlight the benefit of our fiber in a slew of applications that a lot of people sometimes are not aware of the capabilities and the benefits of using our fiber.  We will do it obviously by highlighting our products and what we have done and what we know that we can do and how it’s been working, but we welcome any and each one of you to ask questions about some applications that we might not have heard of so look at the presentation as both highlights of application of fiber but also as an opportunity to ask question about problem or issues that are associated with transport of radio frequency signals because most of what you will see here is what we have done in response to customers.

With that in mind let me first tell you a little more about us Optical Zonu started in the current format in 2003 we do the design and the manufacturing California in the USA west coast; we are privately owned by management we have no outside investors and we’ve been running like that for 17 years, so we are solid partners to anyone who works with us and we have proven it time and again.  All the customization and all the applications that you’ll see are based on custom commercial off-the-shelf products that we have that will go through, but the applications are usually driven by our customers I would like now to present our dear partner Sincron Sistemi and I’ll let Dario take the presentation from here.

Thanks Meir and that’s also all the people of the U.S., Embassy that helped us to organize this event let’s only make a first introduction about Sincron Sistemi since we are helping you to organize this webinar, and this is the result of a two year of collaboration between a Sincron and Optical Zonu.    Sincron Sistemi is a is a an Italian company founded in 1992 so during the next year on 2022  we will be it it will be our third year of history here in Italy as a the Italian name suggests we main focus of the our company Systemization so we are able to provide from any kind of solution so is from a simple GPS receiver or a PCI express card that can provide a single PPS to an atomic source like rubidium most are also standard.   During the these 30 years our company grow and with the time with the step by step we increasing our action in field so we for example we can provide several things related to the Sincron Systemization like the clock that is the simple project that we usually do for a Systemization in the railway project or air airport after the years we added also other stuff related to the GNS signal so for example if you need to repeat the GPS inside a space where there is no GPS we can provide this kind of solution and also solution for the security since in in the last years and especially in the last month it’s becoming really important to provide a reliable source of GNS signal to some specific and critical in the field.

Let’s say let’s think to the energy company of what happened with the cyber-attack recently in in the U.S.. and also in the bank field and so on we can work also in a very specific field like the Sincron Systemization with a white rabbit that is a new protocol developed by Cerna where the sub nanosecond accuracy is required and we can provide it and after uh not in the last but not for important uh we added all the Optical Zonu portfolio to our solution in order to improve and provide to our customer uh all the solution uh that that they need uh as a Sincron system we work really in a  lot of different field I will go very fast to review it but in the energy market there is a  huge demanding of Sincron Systemization and also like in this day we are following some project of GNS over fiber where there are some hydroelectric power plant here in Italy that they need a very long transportation I mean up also to one kilometer of GNS signal so we can provide some optical tone solution the telecom market is really huge and now with the 5g demanding a 5g explosion there is a huge demanding of Sincron Systemization and also again here the GNS over fiber solution we work in the broadcast market since there are right now a transition from the standard solution to the ep and also here the Sincron Systemization is really important we work in the research field in the military and defensive with the solution that Optical Zonu can provide a lot of microwave module rather module and also for the rather is really important the Sincron Systemization in the space field for the ground station we did a lot of uh projects in these 30 years with the Sincron system and now we are happy that with the partnership with Optical Zonu we can provide also a lot of solution for the a satcom with a fiber sat that after you will explain it very well as already told before in the railway airport and transportation we can provide only any type of Sincron Systemization clocks and so on and the last Sector that we’re working is the finance and so we can say also the data center we are providing a lot of optical donor equipment in order to have a centralized reception and redundant reception of a GPS signal and distribute it to all the customers that are in the data center here in Italy this is only a single slide that the people that will attend the wireless and carrier room uh will show from Gary in few minutes like I decided to show it because you can see very clearly uh how we can integrate the different solution from Sincron Sistemi systems so we are specialized on Sincron Systemization and providing like a PTP grand master in this case and this is an example of a small 5g cell where we can have with the GPA Optical Zonu solution a GPS over fiber distribution as a redundant solution for the PTP transport where we can provide the PTP grand master and also the yes the PTP available equipment as a last slide I will tell all the service that we are able to provide so from the design part at the beginning when we start to work with one customer and also with our partner we let’s say project the together at forehands we can follow them in distillation if there is some special need in the data center to install the antenna the fibers the ref cables and so on we can help the customer in the activation and also with some specific training course online or also on site and after we can provide uh 24 7 support in order and also the update firmware update and so on in order to take care of all of our customers thanks again Meir and all the people that are in this webinar and now Meir will let go on you with your presentation.

Thank you Dairo good morning again everyone I think it’s important to thank the Optical Zonu team that you’ll meet there shortly and Ron Stark who is the VP of sales and marketing that is actually the engine behind it in our company I’m Meir Bartur the founder and current CEO of Optical Zonu and I think with all without further ado let’s start and I think the best way to start a company sometimes is to introduce it to the different customers and this is just a sample of the customers that we’ve been served um recently I believe our largest customer is Verizon wireless but we supply we have for we supply 18 Sprint we supply T-Mobile um you can go through and look at those companies because there are samples as what we are actually doing on the fields of both mobile wireless of military and government supplies a broadcasting commercial and we sell directly to the U.S..  government agencies um for a different application I want to highlight for those of you participants from Leonardo in Italy that we have received as an excellent supplier award from DRS which is a division of Leonardo, we’ve been working with them for many years on a particular program so

this is kind of a credential that what we do is legit and we’ve been downloading it for many years and we are within many industries now aleph over fiber is a basic technology that transfers signals on fiber but we build the interfaces around it meaning we are able to transport radio signals over fiber for all kind of different applications in order to be able to do it in a way that address many industries and many applications we build standard platforms and what you see here is a chassis platform that have many plugins um we have a one new chassis platform that is very thin but still very efficient we have a three UI platforms that have many cards that are some of them are duplicate transmitters duplicate receivers transceivers automatic redundancy switching all of it comes as a modular building block within a chassis system we also have a transport chassis systems that are dedicated for base station transport those of you who are interested should benefit from Gary’s presentation that will come in shortly all those justice systems share same management system that have a graphical user interface we have a built-in network management system that you don’t need to install it’s running on our system it’s very efficient you need only one agent in per side and everything is connected via USB it’s a unified approach that uh that works for all our modular systems and transport we have dedicate solution dedicated solution for GPS and timing distribution those are distribution of a fiber we have a patented systems that are redundant and transfer the antenna conditions to each of the users um there are up to 16 outputs per chassis that can be connected to small cells or other timing devices on the outdoors we have um two different type of packages that can accommodate up to 60 gigahertz solution in the transmission into transmitter interface to an antenna we also have a wide array of individual modules that can be embedded in systems or used as a standalone modules we have transceivers modules we have modules that are going up to 60 gigahertz both transmitters or transceivers um we have delay lines that are dedicated delay line that goes into a specific naval application in this case it goes to 85 degrees c hardened and used by U.S. navy ships for some radar application and we have smaller modules that are embedded in we have the smallest agaphoba fiber transmitter and the smallest receivers are those were developed for fun cellular phone testing that can be embedded within the case but have been find usage in very many different applications um some of the applications I’ll discuss now and in the next slide as I discuss the application bear in mind that we those applications are partitioned to three groups those are the three groups that will have the uh sever the split rooms for I know that each one of you already registered to a particular room however if you would like to transfer you can do that by asking Luca to switch you on from room to room and he will do that on the application side um we have a unique data transceivers that are used within our fiber but also are used independently by certain internet service provider or actual carriers Argentina telecom is an example this is a regular data transceiver that have the capability to detect fiber break or fiber disconnect or reflection points on the fiber while the data link is down but under normal operation it provide data into the equipment like any other unit this is really unique we use it to back up our uh out of our fiber systems that are longer range uh some of the systems that you’ll be described yeah later on are integrated but we also sell it as a standalone for people that are interested mainly in data security and in secure infrastructure for aerospace and defense group we will describe the e-fiber site which is a direct solution with an outdoor component to control antennas um we support bias t for different polarization and control of the LNB we have solution for satellite phone in building um we use the American iridium or global star for people that want to have coverage in bunkers redundancy coverage for FEMA or some other uh that want to use the satellite phone or satellite modem indoors we have a generic field of all the microwave and uh all the way down to even 10 kilohertz when needed and those are modules that transport rf signals and adapted to a particular requirement this type of things is tuned or basically tailored for a particular application that has a specific signal to noise ratio noise figure

gain frequency range and output power for wireless carriers for mobile system we offer the GPS over fiber transport that we just described earlier because of its timing importance for everything on 3g 4g and now 5g and our systems are the only one that approved by all the three us carriers as a GPS transport solution we have a Zonu connect system solution to connect base station to distributed antenna system this is used in airports it is used in large venues stadiums hospitals university campuses by which cellular coverage need to be extended and all the base stations are residing in a centralized place or in a base station hotels we have a simpler solution for smaller venues we call it an antenna extender that enable connection between a donor antenna and indoor coverage for again wireless distribution and we have a unique secure wi-fi plus a cellular distributed antenna system the only one that the NSA in the U.S. approved to use in high security area it also enable monitoring of all radiation sources in that environment continuously up to six gigahertz it’s a very unique system but it’s based on regular system regular component and if you have further questions about it we’ll be happy to answer I will want to emphasize again you can switch room and I will let Dario now explain that in better detail after the after the presentation on the split room I will be convinced and will be enable questions and answers and any further information that you would like to learn from us.

Thank you Meir let me switch one second in Italian let me switch one second in Italian in order to explain what will happen now um uh [Music] and okay Meir I explained that there are some people that we weren’t able to recognize them and to specify the room but if Luca is ready we can start that representation now so yeah let me just quickly present our presenters um uh brit begins will describe the military and aerospace system um Gary Grimes who is a director for the mobile and wireless systems will make his presentation in his room and Michael Hartmann who is our digital transport VP will describe this micro OTDR in his room and thank you all all right if you agree we can start the rooms okay Luca okay just be patient for few seconds let’s go okay hello everyone um I’m not able to assign you since I don’t find your first name in our list so if you want me to tell the room you want to be assigned to I will move you I guess the presentation have crushed on everyone so until we will rejoin I  can try to just describe in general some of the um application what britt was trying to cover and Meir sorry Meir sorry you’re in you’re in the main room oh no so can I can I switch back because my application crashed and I had to restart okay can you please leave and reconnect please okay thank you um all right uh Meir you were in aerospace and defense right yes and I want to join to Mike Hartmann to the data all right I’m going to move you thank you Luca okay foreign in the main room yes so I think people are starting to come back into the main room and as you uh welcome back to the main room I want you to think about any questions or any follow-ups that you would like to have now all in the future via email or phone or contact their Sincron Sistemi but at this point after thanking our presenters and their audience for staying with us and listening carefully I would like to introduce um co-founder of Optical Zonu Farzad is our chief technology officer and the vice president of engineering such that if you have any questions or any follow-up that you would like to ask right now please go ahead and do so and we will do it interactively and again for me thank you so much for your attention and for your time spent with us prasad will you introduce yourself please.

Good morning everyone um my name is Farzad as Meir mentioned I’m the CTO thank you for joining us for this webinar today we introduced the basic Optical Zonu product line targeted for markets such as wireless carriers I’d like to uh thank you and Sincron Sistemi for putting this webinar together and making it all happen uh during this event we just shared portion of our key product lines I as part of Optical Zonu with significant autofocus product line portfolio described by some other presenters we have a lot more products that was not presented to summarize rf over fiber is a method of converting radio wave signals into light by modulating the intensity of the light source like lasers with rf signals the light signal is then transmitted over fiber cable which is the capabilities of fiber is significantly higher than copper corrects and in many instances also Waveguides as Britt mentioned into the satcom with a cdl links on board ship in summary rf over fiber ideal platform for long distance reliable and secure communications um we realized realizing that organization many organizations may be new to fiber optics world and  fiber specifically Optical Zonu who made it focus to assist our customers with customization of our commercially off-the-shelf product line to be optimized for customers exact requirements we assist our customers engineering team with analytics recommendations and design advice to mitigate risk.

I hope you all enjoyed the webinar found it interesting informative and hope further collaboration with you all down the road with that I would like to take opportunity to answer any questions

this is widow manchini from telespatio and I would like to know if your system can interoperate with the other vendor I mean if I have a transmitter or an optical receiver of another brand I can operate it using your product thank you uh yeah sure um the basic building blocks um our transmitter receivers are linearly linear system so for us to to know the end-to-end uh link Performance gain ripple in the band noise figure etc if you just want to purchase let’s say the receiver not knowing the transmitter the link will work and our products have we can give you um the linearity of the receiver we can give you the basically noise Performance and the gain of the unit and then um you can probably draw some kind of a conclusion what kind of a Performance you get on the end but it will work it’s just a matter of how detail of a spec you’re trying to meet in fact if you know one way or another more information about your optical transmitter or receiver the more information we give us the better we can probably integrate the two together okay thank you very much sure thank you Guido for your question.

Is there any other question maybe related to some dust system for the telecom or GPS over fiber please let us know only the last minutes of the webinar hey Dario uh we’re getting some chat requests for copies of the presentation and this was um recorded as well as the PowerPoints are available and I hope it’s okay but I put your email address in chat Dario so if anyone would like a copy of the presentation uh please feel free to send an email to Dario and make that request yes we will made an official mail of a follow-up during the probably tomorrow and after with all the contact from our side and your side and after we can keep in touch with all the customer any question or I think that we can say thank you to all the people and uh to keep in touch thank you all it was pleasure presenting our team to for introducing our product lines again we’ll be glad to stay longer if you like and to answer questions or uh following this meeting we can set up other calls or emails to respond questions thank you also in Italian the question is not a problem and

Good morning and bonjour no my English is not it isn’t perfect I will be able in Italian uh um is yes can you please support me uh because uh David is asking us about the positioning of the antenna for the uh 5g network uh but I think that there were a misunderstanding about our solution because from the point of view of Optical Zonu we can provide the GPS over fiber transmission or with the das system uh we can provide a still the link in order to arrive to uh to the antenna but the antenna of the 5g are not provided and the boovia amplifier are not provided from Optical Zonu itself they are providing a vendor neutral solution but without the last part that is the the antenna and the boovia amplifier that need the directional amplifier that need to be provided by the end the customer or the integrator core yes okay something um we do have for the GPS antenna um it’s it’s true that sometimes even in a very highly populated cities there is not clear line of sight to the to the satellite we do have a product called sky shot and that product what it does it can monitor the GPS signal of the antenna uh with some kind of a GUi that you can see that all the satellites let’s say 16 satellites with this snr are outside and once you bring it in which we use a third-party antenna with our optical equipment when we bring them in you can resee that again and you can compare to see how much as strong of a signal you bring in I don’t know if that answers this question but uh the GPS antenna all the third party but we have equipment that assures that you have a strong signal inside the building yes let me switch one second in Italian if I can add for just a second our antenna extender product we provide also connectivity to the donor antenna but we don’t supply the donor antenna themselves this is for 3g and 4g solution 5g solutions that use phase array antenna and are much more complex in the way that they are done um we have solution that by which we provide what is called 5g if and this is for in-city distribution of street lamps and some other uh stuff that we are collaborating with people that build specific 5g repeaters so we are involved in the transport on all those solutions we are not involved in the processing of the signals and we usually are not involved with supplying the antennas regret antennas for indoor redistribution we do supply and in the extreme cases like facade discussing in the GPS and in some cases for the donor antenna we might supply the antenna just as support of the customer but we do not produce it we just find the appropriate vendor to supply it okay thank you great thanks okay uh any other questions maybe the last one or also in Italian okay um in the meantime I would like also for the last time to thanks the U.S. embassy and the commercial department especially with the Matthew and Luca and also Delia with us we do for all the hours that we spend for this webinar uh to organize this webinar the people from Optical Zonu that joined that they also joined us during the night time and I would like again to thank you all the people because there are a lot of webinars in this uh coveted time so thanks that they spend their time with us during today Matthew you want to say a final words uh only it’s been a pleasure for us to host uh this uh this event we love to work with companies like Optical Zonu and their partners overseas like Sincron Sistemi these are the kinds of companies that the united states produces and that have technologies that are useful for international customers so it’s a pleasure for us to support this company I appreciate everybody on the line staying until the end and I remain interested and open to being supportive on your communication as you make deals going forward so thank you Dario thank you Meir thank you Farzad and your entire team uh and my team here namely Luca Trito and we’ve been uh been a pleasure to be working with you so with that uh I wish everybody uh buona giornata one per segment and a good night and a good night for the Optical Zonu team since he’s almost two in the night correct it’s 2 30. 2 30. good okay