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Hello, in today’s video we are going to give a high level overview of the Optical Zonu J3U platform and chassis. To give a little historical context, Optical Zonu has been designing and manufacturing and fielding RF over fiber equipment for over 15 years. Two of the more mature platforms for transporting Satcom or RF over fiber, are the eFiberSat outdoor enclosure and 19” 1RU chassis which is shown here in black. The eFiberSat indoor chassis holds up to four transmitters and/or receivers. These generally transport to an outdoor enclosure next to an antenna. This is the standard eFiberSat outdoor unit which also holds up to four transmitters and/or receivers. The next generation of Satcom platform is the J-chassis. I’m showing two of these in this rack. It’s a 1RU 19” platform and it expands upon the the signal transport capabilities of the eFibeSat platform. For example, the J-chassis still transports the traditional L-, S-, and C-band of the eFiberSat, but add to that, the high frequency microwave transmitters, receivers, and transceivers up to 40 GHz. The J-chassis also transports 10-200 MHz low phase noise reference clock signals. The J-chassis also accommodates plug-in modules for transporting GPS, IRIG-B, and PPS timing signals over fiber. There are also L-, S-, and C-band, transmitters, receivers, and transceivers available in the J chassis form factor. There are CWDM (coarse wavelength division multiplexing) versions of all of these signals over fiber. One of the reasons why I am discussing the plug-in modules for the J-chassis, is that they are all also compatible with the 19” 3RU J3U chassis. The J3U chassis has 16 module slots on the front of the chassis. Plug-in modules easily slide out of and into the J3U chassis which is very well mechanically designed. The plug-in modules fit into a blind mate connector in the back of the chassis and do not require much force to push in or pull out. Please visit https://www.opticalzonu.com/j3-landing-page/. Plug-in modules exist for L-, S-, and C-band, 10-200 MHz reference clocks and other timing signals as well. One of the J3U major advances over the J-chassis is the addition of various signal diversity and redundancy modules that we will speak more about later. The back of the chassis is a bit difficult to see in the rack. We will take the J3U chassis out of the rack and examine the back of the chassis in the next segment.