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J3U Video 2 of 3 – Transcript

In our previous video, we showed the J3U chassis platform in a 19” rack with other examples of Optical Zonu platforms; the eFiberSat and the J-chassis. We have removed the J3U chassis from the rack so that we can show the back of the chassis now. The front of the chassis has 16 plug-in module slots. The back of the chassis has five of the J chassis slots. Any module that fit into the J-chassis will also fit into the back of the J3U chassis. That is very convenient because, for one thing, one can use common power supplies between the two chassis platforms. In this configuration we show two hot-swappable redundant 100W AC power supplies. We also have a -48V DC power supply that is available as a 100W or as a redundant 200W model. As I noted before, any of the modules that work in the J-chassis also work in the J3U chassis. For example, the plug-in shown here is the JS14 managed switch, SNMP network management interface, plug-in module which also fits into both the J3U and the J-chassis. This JS14 module includes an SFP for optical Ethernet transport.  This SFP implements Optical Zonu’s patented micro-OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) technology for locating fiber breaks. This JS14 also contains a four port Ethernet compliant switch as well. Various other modules are available to plug into the back of the J3U chassis as well. Among these are the 10 MHz low phase noise, IRIG-B, GPS, and PPS timing modules as well as the L-, S-, and C-band modules for RF transport under 6 GHz using uncooled laser diodes. For lower noise and higher dynamic range performance, Optical Zonu also offers essentially the same RF over fiber links with cooled laser diodes. Optical Zonu also offers higher RF frequency band modules extending up to 20 GHz, 40 GHz, and even higher. These are the plug-in modules for the back of the chassis. The back of the chassis also has two hot-swappable fan units. With spares on hand, one can just pop out a fan if it fails, remove the cabling, and replace the fan unit. In an earlier video, I noted that one of the new features of the J3U chassis was the optical and RF diversity (redundancy) modules for building redundant architectures. Those are shown here. A couple of the optical redundancy modules with dual LC/APC connectors are shown here. A set of the RF redundancy modules, with either 50 Ohm SMAs or 75 Ohm connectors are shown here. In our next video, I will show some of the building blocks and architectures that are possible with these redundancy modules. Please visit https://www.opticalzonu.com/j3-landing-page/ for more details.