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Customers that work in private security and intelligence sectors often require special accommodations.  It is not uncommon for equipment to not be allowed for return to manufacturer for repair or modification.  This means that the equipment has to work perfectly the first time, or it has to be remade – and the original destroyed.


Optical Zonu has worked with many government security customers in the past.  Recently there was an installation of equipment with a purchase history that spread out over more than 5 years.  Due to revisions and changes, the equipment manufactured years ago did not function correctly with current NMS and management systems.  Due to installation in a SCIF facility, return of the older equipment for modification was out of the question.  The customer wanted to find a compromise that didn’t require replacing the entire system.


Optical Zonu sales engineers worked with the customer and internal engineering teams to develop a solution that worked for everyone.  A COTS laptop was purchased by the customer, and proprietary software was installed that could complete the repair.  Once the end user had the laptop, they connected it to the older equipment, and allowed Zonu engineers to upgrade and configure the entire system.  This unorthodox problem solving resulted in both the vendor and the customer finding a satisfying outcome.  This sort of out of the box problem solving separates Optical Zonu from other equipment vendors.

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