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ZonuCheck™ – The SFC Tester designed to offer complete utility for Installers, Network IT Personnel, and Customer Service Technicians. Any SFC device can be plugged into the Tester and Full Functionality can be verified as well as SFC Wavelength and Power Measurements. The unit can also be used to Test the Optical Power, troubleshoot Reflections, verify Network ORL and Identify Incoming Signals. The LCD Digital Read-Out displays all of the Key Parameters of the plugged SFC Transceiver in addition to individual LED’s to indicate individual ITU CWDM Wavelength information.


Deploy Single Fiber CWDM (SFC) Service for Cable MSOs & Broadband Service Providers. Stand-Alone SFP Transceiver and Network CWDM Optical Wavelength and Power Tester. Trouble-Shooting by Field Technicians reduces the number of unnecessary Truck-Rolls.


  • Complete Support for Installation of Zonu™ Single Fiber, Full Duplex, CWDM SFPs (SFCs).
  • 10 Ch CWDM Power Meter -50 dBm to + 5 dBm; 1310 nm; 1451, 1471, 1491, 1511, 1531, 1551, 1571, 1591 and 1611 nm
  • Stand-Alone SFP Transceiver Tester – Allows Verification of Transceiver Optical Performance in the Network. Optimized for SFC Product Family. Applicable for MR (40 Km) and LR (75 Km) Units. Multi-Protocol: FE, GbE; SONET/SDH up to 2.5 Gbps.
  • Troubleshoot Reflections and Verify Network ORL Reflection Evaluator for troubleshooting “dirty” connectors. ORL Estimator to measure (±1 dB) and verify Network ORL.

Operational Features

  • USB Connector to PC for Data Logging.
  • Intuitive User Interface Simplifies Testing.
  • Built-In Rechargeable Batteries for Handheld Operation.
  • Integral 1 GbE Media Converter.
  • Portable and Lightweight –  Less than 1 Pound.