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Do to combat environment, there is a need to remote the Communication equipment from the actual antenna placement. Problems arise from the length of the conventional coax cables used in these instances. Using Fiber Optics solves the distance issue, but not how to integrate an extra board into a existing built system.


• Small form factor to fit into customers device at both ends.
• Connect seamlessly to customer’s board.
• meet the -156 input noise density
• Integrate Four signals on a single fiber


The OZ510 Series is an Ultra Broadband RFoF (UB‐RFoF), with individual Tx and Rx modules providing cost-effective high-performance transport for RF over Fiber Optics (RFoF) applications.
have High Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) supporting applications such as CBRS, LTE-U, LTE-A, 802.11a as well as other wireless standards.

Designed as compact RF plugin modules for Single Mode Fiber operation both the Transmitter and Receiver are just 2.5” x 1.5” x .5”. The Transmitter lasers can be an CWDM wavelength, with a compact Mux and De-Mux for multiple bi-directional signals being transported over a single Fiber.

Additionally, as an option there is a Plug-in version using a SMB connectors, so the units can connect “board to board”.

Initial demonstrations of this complete system were a successful and are currently being presented to the Military for field deployment.

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