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Fiber Delay Line

The Optical Zonu Fixed Delay Line is a standalone flange mount assembly that can implement delays of RF signals up to 70 msec. Delays are proportional to the fiber length within the delay spool. The RF frequency band to be delayed is customizable and based upon Optical Zonu fiber transport modules within the range 10 kHz to 50 GHz.

Each configuration of the fixed delay module is designed for high Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR). The fiber transmitter within the delay module is designed around a high power linear isolated cooled DFB laser diode. Fiber receivers within the delay module feature high performance InGaAs photodiodes. The standard RF interface is 50 Ohm SMA, however K or V connectors may be required for the highest RF frequencies.

LEDs on the module front panel provide status of the laser diode and photodiode. Open collector alarms and monitors are available on the DB9 connector. Optional I2C communication may be enabled to integrate the delay line into Optical Zonu’s Managed RFoF management system. The assembly is powered from +12 VDC.

Variable Fiber Delay Systems

The Optical Zonu Variable Fiber Delay Line System is a highly configurable 19” rack mount system that supports up to 212 (4096) switched delays (assumes three J-Chassis J-OPS plug-in modules). The RF input and output of the system are Optical Zonu RF over fiber pluggable modules that support the required RF frequency bands and RF performance. Optical switching modules control the routing through, or bypass of, discrete optical delay line elements. In this way, a maximum of 2N (N is the number of discrete delay elements) resulting delays may be realized. Alternately, N delays may be realized by selecting just one delay at a time.

Actual delays and delay resolution are customizable and fixed at the factory per customer requirement. Delays are based on actual fiber lengths in the delay spool chassis which is external to the J-OPS switching modules.

The RF gain through the system may be set to be proportional to the delay amount or may be set in an optical AGC mode where the system RF output is at a constant RF power level.

All RF over Fiber, Optical Switch, Power Supply, and JS14 Management & Control modules are pluggable and field replaceable. The system may operate from AC or -48 VDC power sources. The standard RF interface is 50 Ohm SMA, however specialized RF connectors may be required for the higher RF frequencies.

RF status and optical switching may be monitored and controlled via SSH command line interface, HTTP Web user interface, Optical Zonu J-Control graphical user interface, and/or SNMP v2 and v3 (see JS14 Managed Switch datasheet).

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