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ZonuConnect is a complete system solution the connects cellular base stations and DAS headends over fiber optic cable.  One particular problem the system has suffered from for years is the failure of individual band amplifiers.  The new ZonuConnect DIT Version 3 modular trays are a huge success for this problem.  In order to repair an in band amplifier that has failed, the entire tray can now remain in the rack, and the individual amplifier removed and replaced.


  • Easily restore service to a ZonuConnect sector after a failed amplifier
  • Eliminate the need for service personal to travel to remote system
  • Eliminate the need for the DAS Tray to be removed from rack for repair
  • Eliminate the need to bring down service to non-effected sectors


The solution to the failed ZonuConnect amplifier solution was to made the amplifiers modular.  This is much more difficult that you would imagine.  The mechanical challenges alone were very difficult to solve.  There were also the issues of dealing with blind mate RF connectors, as well as power interfaces.

Ultimately the mechanical issues were the first addressed.  In order to maintain the benefits of our high density ZonuConnect architecture, a 1RU card cage was devised that not only maintained density, but actually added the capability of a 6th band.  Mechanically the card dimensions were calculated, heat dissipation issues solved, and the power issues resolved.

The blind mate RF connectors were a more difficult problem.  Eventually, a system was developed that provided sufficient performance and effectiveness for the design team to be satisfied.  With a complete solution, ZonuConnect is now able to provide a DAS Interface Tray with service for 2 MIMO sectors on up to 6 bands in a SINGLE 1RU form factor.  Furthermore, each of the bands on each sector are completely modular.

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As an Optical Zonu Engineer, I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of this platform.  The company recognized a problem, and dedicated tremendous effort torwards developing a solution.  This is the result of thousands of man hours of effort, and I was proud to be a part of it.

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