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Optical Zonu with Congressman Cardenas -Transcript

Hi I’m Tony Cardenas I’m a congressman for this area I was here at Optical Zono for the grand opening but here we are during this crazy time of the pandemic and also its manufacturing month so we’re celebrating manufacturing.

Q: There’s a lot of manufacturing that goes on here in the San Fernando valley when you started working for this company were you just out of high school or college or what was your journey before you got here?

A: I’ve soldered all my life, that was my first job and I continued to do it and I’ve learned a couple of things from them.  But I went to high school never thinking that would be soldering.

Q: So when you got the job here did you grow up thinking that you would work for a manufacturing company or are you a little surprised and do you find this to be something that you could see yourself in a career here?

A: Yes definitely what I can say now is that I’m very I’m grateful to be here this company has shown me a lot, as a person, and what I can do as a person I work with pretty much engineers and I’ve learned a lot in the perspective of the manufacturing business so I’ve gained a lot of knowledge working here.

[Music] my name is Ian Weaver I’ve been with the company for six years this month I started as one of their technicians and opened up to one of their engineers they came and got me out of college and kind of showed me so it’s been nice and I got to see a lot of different things with a lot of big companies and everything so it’s been a huge learning experience, so I’m still enjoying it you never know what the future holds but here in Los Angeles here in the San Fernando valley manufacturing is all over the place literally right down the street from you and you can make $15 an hour $25 an hour $50 and hour $100 an hour and some people are making that kind of living without even going to college so manufacturing is for everybody you can be working in manufacturing.