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Optical Zonu’s Emcore Customer Relief Program

Optical Zonu presents the Emcore customer relief program, in the following pages we will share our product cross-reference guide

With Emcore’s announcement of the discontinuance of its defense Opto-Electronics product line Optical Zonu is prepared to offer modules systems and subsystems that meet and or exceed the performance of the equipment that is no longer available from Emcore if you have purchased Emcore products in the past Optical Zonu is prepared to assist in making a smooth and simple transition to our comparable and compatible products.  A high level replacement reference guide is presented here in the following Pages we could not reasonably include every product offered so if you do not see what you are looking for please contact us directly

Optical Zonu Corporation is a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of commercial and government fiber optic signal Transport Solutions Optical Zonu offers a wide range of TurnKey modular and OEM form factors that address satellite antenna remoting, RF signal transport, satellite phone and GPS distribution into buildings tunnels Etc and N+1 ground station redundancy architectures and switch delay lines for phased array antennas and radar calibration signal transport from 10 kilohertz to 50 gigahertz.  It is supported by the managed RF over Fiber remote management system which supports SSH CLI, HTTP web UI managed rfof graphical user interface and SNMP versions 2 and 3.

For those former Emcore customers that used the Optiva platforms Optical Zonu offers the J3U as an alternative to the Optiva 3RU and offers the J-chassis as an alternative to the Optiva 1RU. To replace the Optiva plugins Optical Zonu offers their special J3U and J-chassis plugins, these 19-inch chassis plug-in modules can be configured for L, S and C-band.  The Optical Zonu plugins can also support ethernet and SMNP whether you are looking for splitting switching or redundancy Optical Zonu offers it all.  Optical Zonu also offers fixed delay lines as well as fully switched delay lines Optical Zonu offers a full range of modules, let us know your needs and we will develop the solution.  These modules come in a variety of form factors.  if you did not see specifically what you are looking for please feel free to contact us Optical Zonu at 818-780-9701 or www.opticalzonu.com