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Optical Zonu’s RF over Fiber fixed rack mount product line consists of the OZ9500 and OZ9800 product series. These RFoF modular sub-systems are housed in a 1U 19” chassis and each chassis can be powered using AC 110-240 Volts or DC +12 or -48 Volts. Dual redundant power supplies with automatic switching are standard for all chassis, built-in CWDM and cooled DFB lasers are also available. Front panel LED indicators enable a visual check of power supplies and cumulative link status. Alarm conditions are indicated via relay board (dry contact). Standard optical connectors are SC/APC or FC/APC. RF connectors are 50 Ohm SMA or QMA – others e.g. 75ohm BNC are available for special orders.

The OZ9500 family series are built using RF over Fiber linear optical module series OZ510 and OZ516 offering Transmitter (TX) and Receiver (Rx) modules for flexible integration of up to 10 modules per 1U chassis. Individual links are configured for broad bandwidth of 47MHz to 3GHz as a standard with 10KHz to 6GHz as an option. Optional LNA (Low Noise Amplifiers) at the Tx and/or PA (power Amplifier) at the Rx. Nominal link gains are 0dB (no LNA), 20dB (w/LNA), other variations are available. The OZ9500 chassis can be built with local SNMP based management for remote monitoring of the chassis itself and all its internal modules as well as connectivity to manage other OZ9500 chassis (via USB Hub). CWDM (Coarse Wavelength division Multiplexing) can be incorporated inside the chassis for up to 8 channels of Tx and/or Rx.

The OZ9800 series contains linear optical transceivers (or individual Tx or Rx) for OZ600, OZ810, OZ816, OZ1603 and OZ1606 stand-alone modules enabling up to 5 Tx Rx pairs, with optional individual (up to 5) RS232 links, up to 5 cooled DFB links, and more. Individual TxRx pairs can be built with WDM enabling single fiber and analog over fiber links.

Analog RF over Fiber Application PDF
We also offer a full MNS allowing for multiple site management at no additional cost to our Optical Zonu customers. The NMS supports network overview and allows the user to drill down to specific modules with full web UI and GUI in addition to the SNMP that can be integrated with the customer’s existing infrastructure.