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This EIA 310-D Standard 19” 1U rack-mounted unit is a highly integrated RFoF System. It includes 4 Bi-directional RF links (4 Tx and 4 Rx) and one External Gigabit Ethernet Data Channel via Optical Port, Integrated CWDM Multiplexer/De-multiplexer, for wave division multiplexing and Optical Fiber Management. This is a perfect solution for applications where a limited number of fiber strands are available. It may also be configured to transport all signals in one direction for up to eight (8) channels. The RFoF Fiber Optic Transceivers are Very Wide Dynamic Range with low frequency response ripple designed for High Linearity and Low Noise RF over Fiber Optics applications.

Front Panel Indicators provide visual indications of the Power Supplies’ operation and the cumulative link status. Individual Unit (each Tx or Rx) status is monitored via LED and DB-25 pin connector dry-contact available at the panel. Alarm Conditions are indicated via relay contacts (dry contact type).

The Receivers feature high performance InGaAs photodiodes and the Transmitters are based upon linear, high performance, Isolated DFB Lasers, operating at CWDM wavelengths from 1471 nm to 1611 nm over 9/125 µm SMF28 Single Mode optical fiber. Average Automatic Power Control (AAPC) is incorporated for optimal optical power stability over the full temperature range. Optional additional GbE switch enable full remote monitoring via SNMP or web GUI of all RF transport parameters. Auto redundancy switching for 2 fiber paths is a built-in option.

The chassis for the CWDM transport enables single fiber connectivity for wireless transport and is the optical building block of the ZonuConnect system.

Optical Zonu also offer DWDM liner optical links for longer distances (apable for EDFA amplification) either in a fixed or modular chassis systems.

  • 4 Bidirectional RF over Fiber CWDM Transceivers in 1U
  • 1310 nm Express Port: Single Fiber, Full Duplex GbE  Data Channel
  • 30 MHz to 3 GHz Bandwidth
  • Redundant (dual) AC Power Supplies with Auto Switching
  • Integrated low IL CWDM Mux/Dmux
  • Front Panel Cumulative Alarm Indicator
  • Alarm Outputs for each Tx and Rx module
  • Populated by OZ510/OZ516  family of Tx and Rx modules (See OZ510 & OZ516 Datasheet)
  • MTTF > 10 years at +50°C
  • Extended Bandwidth of 10 KHz – 6 GHz
  • Built-in LNA for Tx modules
  • In‐Building DAS Solutions
  • Satcom
  • WiMax/4GLTE
  • Cellular Backhaul
  • MMDS
  • Remote Antenna Location
  • GPS Signal Distribution
  • Timing & Frequency Signal Distribution