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Optical Zonu’s RF over Fiber product line contains multiple stand-alone modules which are designed to integrate easily with your application. Each of our stand-alone modules is a Transceiver (TRx), but it may also be configured as individual Transmitter (Tx) or Receiver (Rx) units. A pair of these transceivers creates two-way bidirectional RF to Optical and Optical to RF link. Standard operational frequency ranges between 47 MHz and 3 GHz but can be extended to from 10 KHz to 3.3 GHz. OZ816 and OZ1606 modules have ultra-broadband capability that ranges from 47MHz to 7 GHz. High frequency links, L band and above along with low latency are all also available.

The more basic of these modules are the OZ600 and OZ810. These plug and play RF-over-Fiber devices are simple to operate with an MTTF of more than 20 years at room temperature. OZ810 options include internal WDM for single fiber functionality, CWDM wavelength Lasers for transporting multiple RF channels optically over a single fiber, RS232 full duplex data link, Automatic Gain Control (AGC), and built-in Low Noise Amplifier (LNA).

OZ816 is a low cost Transceiver (TRx) capable of converting ultra broadband RF signals (47 MHz to 6 GHz) for transport it over long distance over fiber optic cable. It can also be configured as individual Transmitter (Tx) or Receiver (Rx) units. OZ516 Rx features a high performance InGaAs photodiode and Tx is based upon a linear Isolated and direct modulated DFB Laser operating at 1.3 µm and 1.5 µm. Average Automatic Power Control (AAPC) is incorporated for optimal optical power stability over the full temperature range.

OZ1603 and OZ1606 are premium level RF over Fiber transceivers. We designed these modules for applications which demand very high SFDR and low NF. These modules include a Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) to assure a high level of RF performance over a wide range of temperature variations. OZ1603 covers standard broadband frequency (47 MHz – 3 GHz) and OZ1606 offers ultra broadband (47 MHz – 7 GHz) capability. Each Transceiver (TRx) can also be configured as individual Transmitter (Tx) or Receiver (Rx) units.

All Optical Zonu RF over Fiber stand alone modules are packaged in a rugged Dust-tight Cast Metal box measuring only 3x5x1.5 inches (76x127x38 mm). RF interface is via a 50 Ohm SMA connector and optical connectors are SC/APC or FC/APC. Standard male DB-9 connector serves as an interface for alarm monitoring, RS232 port, and power input. Our modules require + 12 Volts DC to operate but this may also be modified at the customer’s request.