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The OZ52x OEM fiber optical link transmitter and receiver modules are Optical Zonu’s enhanced building block broadband RF over Fiber board level assemblies. The OZ52x transports RF signals in the frequency range 30 MHz to 3 GHz. Lower roll-offs down to 10 kHz are available. Upper roll-offs of 4 GHz and 6 GHz are available. An integrated +20 dB LNA or a +40 dB dual LNA may be added to the transmitter to optimize noise figure and input/output IP3 for a variety of RF power levels and optical loss budgets. The transmitter and receiver both feature digital attenuators and module RF gain can be adjusted via serial I2C. The OZ52x features a linear optically isolated DFB laser diode or a high performance InGaAs photodiode. The standard RF interface is 50 Ohm SMA and the OZ52x module is powered from +12 VDC.

  • Upper Roll-off frequency: 3 GHz, 4 GHz, 6 GHz
  • Lower Roll-off frequency: 30 MHz (contact factory for frequencies down to 10 kHz)
  • RF Gain/NF: no LNA, +20 dB LNA (in transmitter), +40 dB LNA (in transmitter)
  • Transmitter Wavelength (CWDM): 1270 – 1330 nm, 1470 – 1610 nm
  • RF Interface: 50 Ohm SMA (for others, contact Optical Zonu)
  • Bias-T (in transmitter, provides DC on center coaxial conductor): no Bias-T, 5V Bias-T, 12V Bias-T (contact Optical Zonu)
  • Optical Connector (pigtail): SC/APC, FC/APC, LC/APC (contact Optical Zonu)
  • Fiber: Single mode, 62.5 um OM1 MMF, 50 um OM3/OM4 MMF (contact Optical Zonu)

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