TTL Series

The TTL Series of OEM fiber optical link transmitter and receiver modules facilitate the transport of DC coupled timing (and other) signals that are not modulated onto RF carriers, over long distances of fiber. The most basic application is the fiber optic conversion and transport of (on board) TTL signals. The TTL Series also facilitates the transport of precise timing signals such as IRIG-B (unmodulated), 1PPS, and contact closure. The RF interface on the TTL modules is 50Ω SMA (standard) or 50Ω SMB, and the TTL module is powered from +12 VDC. Transport over single mode fiber is standard, however the Optical Zonu TTL fiber links support transport over multimode fiber as well. Contact Optical Zonu. Duty cycle distortion (DCD) is primarily driven by the optical loss budget between fiber transmitter and receiver and clock speed (or pulse width). Optical Zonu’s design provides robust performance over a range of optical loss budgets and pulse widths. Contact Optical Zonu for all of the available options.

  • Transmitter Wavelength (CWDM): 1270 – 1330 nm, 1470 – 1610 nm
  • Optical Connector (pigtail): SC/APC, FC/APC, LC/APC (contact Optical Zonu)
  • Fiber: Single mode, 62.5 um OM1 MMF, 50 um OM3/OM4 MMF (contact Optical Zonu)
  • On-Board TTL Transport Over Long Distances
  • PTP Signal Distribution
  • NTP Server Signal Distribution
  • Synchronization of Power System Equipment
  • GPS Timing Distribution

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