GPS Fiber Transport System

gps-rfof-link(big)Optical Zonu’s GPS Fiber Transport System provides a transparent and secure RF connection between your GPS antenna and receiver for distances from 100 ft to 5 miles. The signal can be split optically to distribute the GPS RF signal to multiple locations. In addition, each OZC GPS Fiber Receiver is available with one or multiple RF outputs to support one or several GPS receivers locally.

The OZC GPS Fiber Transmitter is a NEMA 4-rated enclosure that permits installation outdoors near the GPS antennas. Its compact housing also permits indoor installation without using up rack space.

The GPS Fiber Transport System is a carrier-grade connection solution that supports one or redundant GPS paths providing a high reliability reference crucial to base station operation. At the same time, the system installs easily with no adjustments needed.

The OZC GPS Fiber optic Transmitter supports one or two independent GPS antenna connections. The second path can be used for system redundancy or routed to additional receivers. Since the system can be optically split over 16 times and the GPS Fiber Receivers are available with one or four RF outputs per channel, there are many flexible options to distribute the GPS signal to a distributed picocell system.


  • Supports all GPS frequencies internationally
  • NEMA 4 Fiber Transmitter for outdoor  mounting
  • Compact Transmitter also mounts indoors without using rack space
  • Each system supports one or two GPS antenna paths
  • Supports high level of optical split and RF split for flexible routing of GPS for small cells and extended base station sites
  • Operates on backed up base station power or dual AC power supplies
  • Simple to install – no adjustments