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wifi-distributed-fiberUndoubtedly the best option for enhanced indoor and stadium cellular coverage are currently Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). The new Optical Zonu Converged Services Fiber DAS combines the advantages of a cellular DAS with the flexibility of offering Wi-Fi service: High quality service with increased capacity via MIMO and uniform coverage using centrally managed and located access points. Whether using smart phones, tablets or laptops, for voice or data, consumers will be able to enjoy a consistent user experience across the coverage area.

Product Highlights:

Coverage: Highest Quality of Service

Due to coverage via multiple antennas, the DAS system eliminates dead zones in the assigned area. Dynamic allocation provides a more efficient use of the spectrum, particularly when multiple networks operate in the same coverage area.

Maximum Capacity – Beyond traditional Wi-Fi Networks

Support of MIMO DAS – bandwidth of >150Mb/s uniformly supported throughout coverage area.

Future Proof

The fiberoptic DAS system by Optical Zonu is able to handle any cellular and Wi-Fi service with a bandwidth of up to 6GHz. The RF fiberoptics can be upgraded even beyond 6GHz in years to come without the need of an upgrade fiber cabling.

Highest Security Levels

For high security applications, the Optical Zonu DAS has the additional advantage of lower radiated power levels which reduces signal radiation outside of buildings thus minimizing eavesdropping. The included wide band monitoring channel enables enhanced RF monitoring of the coverage area against unauthorized access to the network.

Centralized Management

The DAS centralized management system allows the user the dynamic allocation of resources without disrupting operation within the coverage area. It also allows for easy software and hardware update in one secure, central location.

“Unlimited” Range

Fiberoptic transport of RF and data signals enables practically loss-less transmission across many kilometers. Hence no additional calculations or measures have to be taken for large buildings across many floors. The central hub can be located at a convenient, low cost area with all APs, connected via fiberoptic cable to antennas at various locations throughout the building(s).


Major Features & BenefitsRecommended Applications
  • Supports all relevant 802.11 standards including 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (5.8GHz)
  • 3×3 MIMO support (NxN)
  • Wi-Fi Optical DAS with lowest interference between APs
  • Wi-Fi Optical DAS enables to organize client traffic into different isolated layers – this improves network performance and speed
  • Centralized Management / APs in one central & secure location
  • RF Spectrum Monitoring for enhanced security
  • More uniform and predictable performance
  • Multi- Operator & Multi-Service
  • Future Proof & Long Range

Networks requiring secure, high reliability, high bandwidth Wi-Fi & Cellular including…

  • Banking & Trading
  • Military & Government
  • Public Safety
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