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ZONUConnect is a simple yet universal fiber optic transport system between any multi-sector base station and any DAS (Distributed Antenna System) for distances from 300 ft to 16 miles. It solves the remote connectivity problem with a fully-integrated menu of choices for Point-of-Interface to connect with any base station configuration and DAS Interface to connect to any DAS. It also offers a data-link for easy, web-based set-up and SNMP remote monitoring and control.

System Options and Simplicity

One end-to-end fiber transport system for all of your DAS connectivity configurations.

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Benefits of the ZONUConnect System

  • Minimizing Fiber Count – The BTS-DAS Fiber Transport element uses either CWDM (Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing) or DWDM (Dense Wave Division Multiplexing) to combine multiple independent, wideband RF paths on a single fiber. CWDM permits combining up to six uplink and six downlink paths on a single fiber. DWDM supports up to twenty uplink and twenty downlink paths.
  • Minimizing Equipment – The Fiber Transport consists of two to forty isolated RF paths each with a 2700 MHz bandwidth. Because of this wide bandwidth, the POI (Point of Interface) at the base station and the DAS Interface Tray at the DAS headend pre-combine all the bands onto a single RF path. MIMO paths 1 and 2 are isolated on separate CWDM or DWDM channels. The DAS Interface separates the downlink bands and the POI separates the pre-combined uplink bands. This architecture minimizes the equipment needed at both sites.
  • 24/7 Access – The DAS headend room is owned by the venue and full access is granted to the DAS owner only. CPRI-to-Remote Radio Head still requires significant (costly) space at the DAS headend site, a second power plant and puts the carrier base station equipment in a remote, inaccessible location. This makes installation and ongoing servicing a logistics problem for connection solutions that require on-site remote Radio Heads. With ZONUConnect, all base station equipment remains at the carriers central location with one power plant and 24/7 accessibility.
  • Highest Spectral Efficiency – ZONUConnect provides a remote base station connection solution that cannot be matched by any other approach. CPRI-over-fiber supports several channels per optical channel while ZONUConnect combines multiple bands on a single optical channel resulting in the highest spectral efficiency and the lowest fiber count.
  • Optical Compensation Only When Needed – The Fiber Transport is defined with fixed gain for a 1 dB ptical loss. With optical of 0.35 dB/km, this makes the Fiber Transport a simple, drop-in solution for 90% of real world applications. For those instances where compensation is needed for higher optical loss, ZONUConnect provides a stand-alone 1U rack-mounted Extender Tray at the DAS headend location. In this way, no additional cost and complexity is incurred if this capability is not needed.
  • Minimum Commissioning Time – the simplicity of ZONUConnect means that even the largest systems can be deployed and commissioned in less than a day.
  • Guaranteed Transparent Operation – The simple set up procedures ensure that ZONUConnect provides a noiseless connection for any base station and DAS configuration.


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