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• -20°C to +65°C Operating
Temperature Range
• Compact Handheld Device
• Rechargeable via USB Port
• Device for Data Capture
• SMA RF Connector
• Can tracks up to 16 Satellites
• Easily connect to a Laptop or
Android Smart Device for data
• Now Featuring Bluetooth™
Connectivity Capability*
(*Windows & Android only)


• RF GPS Signal Presence
• GPS Antenna Functionality
• Optical Receiver Functionality
• Install Validation and “Birth
Certificate” Data for Closeout
packages• Truly “Neutral” Testing Device

Compatible with:
- PC - Windows OS
- APP- Android OS




The ZonuSkyShot GPS Tester is a compact GPS receiver that detects the presence, and the signal strength of a GPS signal. The ZONUSkyShot can identify up to sixteen satellites as received by the Installed antenna. ZONUSkyShot can connect via USB or Bluetooth™ to any Windows OS-capable PC or Smart Device (i.e. phone or tablet) operating on the ANDROID OS. With this connectivity, the ZONUSkyshot can report the number of Satellites visible to the receiver showing signal strength individually for up to 16 satellites; and display it on the connected devices screen.  Furthermore, this GPS receiver can be accessed at the USB port on the Base Unit, or via a Bluetooth™ device allowing the user to see the available satellites using the app provided with the system and available at the Optical Zonu website. The receiver can simultaneously track up to 16 satellites while searching for new ones. An example is shown in the following page. This feature permits verifying the OZC GPS over Fiber solution independent of any other equipment. However this test device is truly neutral, and gives measurements at the antenna, or after a coax run; simply connect the ZonuSkyShot to any RF output of an Optical Zonu GPS Fiber Transport, GPS at the Edge or GPS Over Fiber with the short SMA RF jumper. The unit can be plugged into AC power with the AC adaptor included to charge the internal lithium-Ion battery.  If the GPS signal is being received, the GPS LED will blink green. For more detail, a laptop can be connected to the unit via the micro USB port, or using our “New” Bluetooth™ feature, the constellation and received signal levels for all visible GPS satellites are shown.  The ZonuSkyShot has an internal battery which is recharged with an AC adaptor, included.  There is an auto off feature to save battery power. Sufficient battery charge is indicated by a green PWR LED.  All of the OZC GPS RF over Fiber Solutions provide the most comprehensive monitoring and alarming functionality available with minimum complexity.

See patent number US 10,257,739 B1.