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With recent advances in both civil and military avionics applications, it is becoming critical to improve RF communications networks in order to address the growing demand for high bandwidth for onboard communications links that are lightweight, immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI), and highly reliable. Optical Zonu Miniature Lines of RFoF Technology can meet all of these challenges in a cost-effective manner.

Optical Zonu’s RF over Fiber Optics Products are designed to transport radio-frequency (RF) signals utilizing Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM, or WDM) technology. CWDM make possible the design of onboard fiber optic networks which have less signal degradation per meter and higher signal carrying capacity. Such links are not only lighter, thinner, and more flexible than copper wire, but free from electromagnetic interference. The overall cost per meter, and weight to cost ratio of RFoF Links, are so low that RFoF it is becoming a crucial part of the onboard network architecture for avionics signal distribution.

Our standard OZ450/OZ510, and in particular, newly launched miniature OZ100/101 Series Modules, are extremely low profile (18 x 50 x 7.5 mm) and lightweight (only 15 Grams), which means that integration of these modules into onboard environments of modern aircraft makes much more sense than typical coaxial cable. These facts, in conjunction with high-bandwidth capability, low power consumption, high SNR and reliability factors, make Optical Zonu’s miniature RF over Fiber Links the ideal choice for avionics system applications.