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Optical Zonu’s RF over Fiber universal solution is for the transport of mobile wireless 3G, 4G, and 5G signals for all frequencies, up to 6 GHz, including integrated Point of Interface (POI) to enable direct Base Station connectivity and the DAS Interface Tray (DIT) for seamless connection to ANY DAS system. Our broadband (30 MHz to 3GHz) and ultra-broadband (30 MHz to 6 GHz) RF over Fiber (analog over fiber) Optic Links are primary components in our solutions for linking any cellular Base Station configuration to any Distributed Antenna System (DAS) via single mode or multimode optical fibers. Universal connectivity, cost-effective simple integration, lowest fiber count and minimum rack space make the use of our RF over Fiber Optics Products the ideal choice. The full system solution includes a full GUI for monitoring, automatic gain setting during the commissioning process, and full SNMP (and SSH) support for integration into customer’s Network Operation Center (NOC). For Demo of the GUI and the discovery process contact the factory or click here.

Featured 4G LTE / WiMAX over Fiber Products:

GPS Over Fiber Transport

Carrier-grade reliability and flexibility, with quick and simple installation.

BTS-DAS Fiber Transport

Transparent, customizable, and efficient. Quick delivery and simple setup.

OZ816 Standalone Transceiver (TRx)

Low-cost, ultra-broadband transceiver for developers and single-link operators. Read More >>

More About 4G LTE and WiMAX over Fiber:

Transporting RF signals over fiber optic cable has distinct advantages compared to coaxial cable, particularly for longer distances. Coaxial cable has a significant amount of signal loss over longer cable runs limiting its application for long distance links. High quality low-loss coax is also very bulky and expensive. Coax connections between the base station and DAS are also prone to degrade network performance by introducing PIM (passive intermodulation). Optical fiber supports very long cable distances, up to 10 Km or more, with minimal signal loss and degradation. Optical fiber systems are also inherently simplex which eliminates any possibility of PIM. Optical fiber operates by transmitting light along a dielectric glass fiber, rather than electrical signals over copper wires. This provides a highly secure tamper-proof medium for signal transfer, minimizing security risks and unauthorized signal interception concerns. Light is also unaffected by electro-magnetic interference, allowing signals to be transmitted unaffected through electrically noisy environments.

For cellular coverage in small venues that do not have a dedicated base-station, OZC offers Antenna Extenders that will pick off-air cellular signals and distribute it to up to 8 indoor re-radiating antennas. This very low-cost alternative (mini-DAS) comes as a kit with antennas, cabling and optional fiber. More details click here

Optical Zonu also offers cost-efficient, easy-to-install Fiber Transport for connecting the GPS RF signal to the base station (click here). The compact fiber optic Antenna Unit may be mounted indoors or outdoors and the slim, 1 RU Base Unit provides the RF connections to the Base Band Units (BBUs) or eNodeBs with a minimal footprint in the rack. No adjustments are needed and integration into the network management system is extremely simple. Because of this, our GPS Fiber Transport is the only solution approved by all US wireless service providers. It is the most efficient approach for both point-to-point projects and distributed GPS at CRAN hubs. OZC’s GPS distribution solution come in various form factors including rack mount, pole mount and wall mount.