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GPS Timing, ZONUConnect Universal base, WiFi and Wireless DAS, Public Safety Wireless Systems and more.


Optical Zonu offers a wide range of standard and customized system solutions. Standard RF-Over-Fiber solutions include GPS for point-to-point and distribution, mobile wireless base station-to-DAS transport, satellite earth station inter-facility links and distributed Wi-Fi. Optical Zonu’s fast track product development also supports customized solutions for these applications as well as military/government, broadcast and public safety wireless.

Optical Zonu’s solutions are preferred for their low profiles, efficient fiber management and ease of installation. Delivery times, even for custom solutions, always meet and beat customer deadlines. And company support is always there to provide product training, on site support, remote troubleshooting and overnight warranty support.


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Featured Systems Solutions:

GPS over Fiber Transport

Carrier-approved connection between GPS antenna and base station. Compact point-to-point and distributed solution. Read more >>


The most efficient and universal RF over Fiber connection between any base station and any DAS. Read more >>

Public Safety Wireless

Customizable RF over Fiber transport for a wide range of Public Safety Wireless architectures.. More >>

Mobile Wireless Antenna Extender

Compact, drop-in RF over Fiber connection between an off-air donor antenna and bi-directional amplifier.. More >>

Family of Systems Solutions links:


>> GPS Fiber Transport

Optical Zonu’s GPS Fiber Transport provides a drop in GPS over Fiber connection between the rooftop antenna and the base station equipment or timing servers. It is the only such solution approved by all four US wireless service providers and is used for both point-to-point connections and distributed GPS for CRAN hubs, base station hotels and data centers.. >> Read more


>> ZONUConnect – Universal Base Station to DAS Fiber Transport

ZONUConnect is Optical Zonu’s RF-Over-Fiber transport to connect any base station configuration with any DAS for distances from 300 ft to 16 miles. It is a CWDM-based solution with the minimum fiber count and the smallest rack footprint. It features easy installation with local computer setup and commissioning and remote SNMP monitoring and control. .>> Read more


>> Wi-Fi & Wireless DAS

Enhanced indoor wireless coverage optimized for secure facilities. The new Optical Zonu Converged Services Fiber DAS combines the advantages of a cellular DAS with the secure Wi-Fi service, delivering high quality service with increased capacity via MIMO and uniform coverage using centrally managed and located access points (AP’s). . >> Read more

>>  Public Safety Wireless Fiber Transport System
Optical Zonu’s RF-Over-Fiber transport solutions support all Public Safety and SMR VHF, UHF, 700/800MHz, FirstNet and 900MHz communications. One and two-way transport is available in rack mount and pole mount styles as well as components that integrate into system solutions for both point-to-point and distributed communications.>> Read more


>> Iridium RFoF Link

The Iridium satellite network provides voice and data service to the entire planet. However, phones and network equipment will not function unless the antennas have a clear view of the sky. The Optical Zonu Iridium fiber extender system allows handset or modems to function indoors, regardless of the distance from an outdoor antenna. >> Read more


>> L-S Band Satcom Fiber Transport

The L/S Band Satcom Fiber Transport Link by Optical Zonu provides a simple,  cost-effective  and  reliable  RF  connection  between  your satellite antenna and modem in those instances where coaxial cable is impractical or additional security is required. Each fiber link supports all frequencies from 950 MHz to 2300 MHz. >> Read more


>> Mobile Wireless Antenna Extender
Small and mid-size venues often have wireless coverage problems that can be solved easily with an off-air bi-directional amplifier (BDA) or RF booster drive into indoor antennas. However, the required location for the donor antenna (off-air is outdoors) is too far away for coaxial cable to be practical. Optical Zonu’s Antenna Extender solves this problem by providing an easy-to-install fiber optic link between the donor antenna and BDA. >> Read more


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