GNSS / GPS Timing Distribution over Fiber
Carrier Grade Transport System

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The Optical Zonu GNSS / GPS Product Family

What is GNSS / GPS and how do they differ?



• Supports all GNSS / GPS frequencies internationally
• Weatherproof Fiber Transmitter for outdoor mounting
• Compact Transmitter also mounts indoors without using rack space
• Each system supports one or two GNSS / GPS antenna paths
• Supports high level of optical split and RF split for flexible routing of GPS for C-RAN and base station hotels
• Operates on backed up base station power or dual AC power supplies
• Simple to install – no adjustments, no software set up
• Patented optical alarm reporting and simple discreet alarm connections
• NEBS Level 3 permits installation in the Central Office

• Approved by all 4 US WSP (wireless Service Providers)

Optical Zonu GNSS / GPS reference timing signals are widely used to synchronize communications for modern networking equipment like cellular base stations, allowing them to use limited bandwidth more efficiently and coordinate smooth handoffs. The recent proliferation of small cells for cellular service, utilization of CRAN centers, and technology updates have increased the demand for GNSS / GPS timing distribution, but this has not come without complication.

GNSS / GPS systems typically consist of an active rooftop antenna, a GNSS / GPS receiver and a length of coaxial cable to connect them. A challenge arises, however, when the distance between the rooftop antenna and the cellular base station equipment (usually in the basement) is greater than 300 ft. Coaxial cable runs of over 300 ft are not practical for most GNSS / GPS receiver systems, so a fiber optic link is required at these or greater distances, and Optical Zonu’s fiber optic links are some of the most trusted and cost-effective links in the industry.

The Base Unit RF outputs connect to your GNSS / GPS receivers or base station equipment. The Base Unit is available with up to 1 to 16 RF outputs for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connections. In addition, the fiber optic cable can be split up to 8 ways (16 splits are available for special order). The combination of optical and RF splitting permits easy routing of the GNSS / GPS over thin optical fiber while providing the lowest cost per connection. This makes the solution ideal for C-RAN hubs and base station hotels. The Base Units are simply distributed in the racks with the BBUs or eNodeBs so the final connections require only lightweight, short RF jumpers. The transport is NEBS Level 3 certified permitting installation in Central Office environments and can be conveniently rack mounted.

The OZC GNSS / GPS Antenna Unit’s weatherproof enclosure permits installation outdoors near the GNSS / GPS antennas. Its compact housing also permits indoor installation on a bulkhead without using up rack space.  The GNSS / GPS Fiber Transport supports single or redundant GNSS / GPS paths providing a high reliability reference crucial to base station operation. At the same time, the system installs easily with no adjustments or software setup needed.