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The L/S Band Satcom Fiber Transport Link by Optical Zonu provides a simple,  cost-effective  and  reliable  RF  connection  between  your satellite antenna and modem in those instances where coaxial cable is impractical or additional security is required. Each fiber link supports all frequencies from 950 MHz to 2300 MHz. The high dynamic range of the system ensures a transparent pass through with no distortion. A low noise pre-amplifier in  the downlink path ensures a margin on signal-to-noise  ratio  while  keeping  the signal in the most linear operating range of the fiber optic link.

For Tx/Rx sites, the low phase noise 10 MHz reference can be included without any impact on the L/S band  performance. Other  fiber  optic  products  that  combine  the 10 MHz reference with the primary signal either cause degradation of the primary through mixing or poor phase noise if the reference level is too low. The Optical Zonu L/S Band Satcom Fiber Transport Link utilizes a 4 channel Coarse Wave Division Multiplexer (CWDM) to ensure that there is no mixing among all the supported signals, guaranteeing the highest signal purity. The system is modular and can be configured for Transmit/Receive or Receive Only with options for a 10 MHz Reference Signal, DC Power for the LNB and an FSK or E-Net data connection between the sites.

Major Features and Benefits

  • L/S Band Fiber Optic Link Between the Satellite Modem And ODU
  • IP-67 Remote Unit Connects to ODU
  • Modular, Rack-Mounted Master Unit
  • Transmit/Receive or Receive Only
  • Separate Optional 10 MHz Path – No Mixing,  Lowest Phase Noise
  • Optional DC Power to LNB
  • Optional Ethernet or FSK Data Connection  Between Sites