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U.S. Bank Stadium is the location for an Optical Zonu GPS over Fiber Solution! It takes critical efficiency and timing to create a great play; and it takes great timing to ensure communications in the stadium on game day! One of our client partners has installed and implemented a CBRS, Private LTE network for the NFL with our GPS over Fiber solution for it’s foundation. A great opportunity brought to us by a gre

at client partner.


  • Access issues due to Covid (State mandated shutdown)
  • Time to market as Covid restrictions lifted
  • Timeline was short for installation, and commissioning


The Optical Zonu GPS over fiber transport solution is easy to install and very quick to synchronization. It’s performance was established and confirmed within a few minutes freeing installers to move on to the next phase of the integration in a timely and efficient manner. Performance was confirmed and exceeded the expectations of the installation team, and the network was integrated with great satisfaction by the end-users.

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