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Universal Fiber Transport Solutions for Verizon

Optical Zonu is pleased to be an approved and preferred Verizon vendor.
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We are a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of commercial and government fiber optic transport solutions. We offer field proven RF-Over-Fiber and Digital Fiber Transport Systems for a wide range of applications, including GPS, BTS-DAS connection, Satellite Communications, Public Safely Wireless as well as custom transport solutions. Our GPS and BTS-DAS Fiber Transport are Verizon-approved solutions widely deployed in the Verizon network. Their cost-effectiveness, compact form factors, versatility, deployment simplicity and reliability have made them the choice preferred by Verizon Markets and Maintenance Engineering.

Recent News

January 22, 2017: At IBTUF XI, we showcased these Verizon-Approved Fiber Transport products:

To order the Verizon-approved versions of these products, please follow the instructions in the ‘How to Order’ section below…

  • GPS Fiber Transport – Compact, cost-effective, easy-to-install transport connecting the GPS antenna to the eNodeB or BBU GPS RF input; point-to-point and uniquely effective distributed GPS for C-RAN hubs.
  • BTS-DAS Fiber Transport – Universal fiber transport connection between any base station or BDA and any DAS Headend. Significant cost and space savings especially for multi-sector sites.
  • Hi-Cap Fiber Transport – High capacity, universal RF-over-fiber connection between multi-sector base stations and any DAS. Extension of the BTS-DAS Fiber Transport for up to 12 MIMO or 24 SISO sectors over a single fiber. Optimized for base station hotel architectures. More cost and spectrally efficient than CPRI.

How to Order

GPS Fiber Transport: The above GPS Fiber Transport and any optical splitter(s) needed are available directly from Optical Zonu. These can also be procured for Tessco or PCTel. Either supplier can provide the units at the same Verizon pricing along with all the other components needed for a complete installation including GPS antenna, coaxial cable, lightning arrestor, fiber-optic cable and DC power cable connections.

>> Order Form (Important: form generates Verizon-specific part numbers; please reference these only)

BTS-DAS Fiber Transport: Basic product training is recommended before designing your first BTS-DAS system. Introductory training is available as a web session from Optical Zonu and typically requires 1 – 1.5 hours. Optical Zonu is also available to help with the IBWave design for the transport portion of your system. Once your design is finalized, use the order form to identify the part numbers for your components then submit your purchase order request to your Verizon procurement office.

>> Order Form (Important: form generates Verizon-specific part numbers; please reference these only)