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Optical Zonu presents the Zonu sky shot a new solution in handheld GPS testing! As an integrator a construction engineer or network assurance engineer how often at a new site integration or timing installation do you find yourself asking these questions? Am I getting sufficient timing through my

Antenna? How can I demonstrate in a closeout package what my antenna is seeing? How do I verify that I’m getting the best performance timing related to my network integration? When I’m troubleshooting my timing issues am I making the best use of my time?  Well we at Optical Zonu have a solution for you the Zonu sky shot! The Zonu Skyshot is a handheld solution for integrating and mitigating your GPS network installations. The receiver contained within out kit allows for 16 simultaneous satellites to be tracked while constantly searching for new ones. When hooked in conjunction with your laptop a full output can be seen on your screen and captured for closeout packages. The Zonu Skyshot kit is composed of a hard case for protecting the handheld receiver and it’s power supply, and a USB dongle which contains our software for integration with your laptop. The kit also includes our RF jumper and a micro USB cable taken together this little kit brings you a lot of firepower!

ZonuSkyShot GPS Tester – Optical Zonu Corporation

As mentioned previously the Zonu Skyshot kit contains a USB dongle which has on it our software tool. The software tool grants visibility to the 16 satellites previously mentioned along with signal strength latitude and longitude and a variety of information all of which can be captured with a simple screenshot or print screen to put in your closeout package. When you depart from a site

no longer are you forced to trust an outside source such as a handheld Garmin or other means of detecting GPS when you are determining what you expect your antenna is seeing. Now you have the opportunity to see directly and capture what your antenna is seeing. Taking away all of the assumptions and guess work.

In conclusion this tool provides the opportunity to save time, and better ensure that projects come in on time and gives you the security of walking away from a site knowing exactly what your installation is providing. The Zonu Sky shot can be a critical tool and absolutely essential in determining and maintaining GPS networks. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.

Thank you again for your time, I have been Paul Antola please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions in regard to the Zonu Skyshot.

Thank you again