Thank You and Recap: New Fiber Optic Plant Opening

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Thank You and Recap: New Fiber Optic Plant Opening

Dear Colleagues and Customers,

The Optical Zonu family would like to share with you our gratitude for the special milestone in which some of you participated, the opening of our new, larger fiber optic plant and headquarters in Van Nuys, California.

Video from Optical Zonu's New HQ Event  Photo Gallery from Optical Zonu's Grand Opening Event

At the event, we were honored to have U.S. Congressman Tony Cárdenas deliver his keynote address, where, as a former businessman and trained electrical engineer, he sympathized with our growing pains while also touting the opportunities that America, and the San Fernando Valley in particular, have afforded us.

The public was then further welcomed into our facilities. The Congressman received a tour of our offices, laboratory, and production benches, while the rest of our employees followed suit, sharing the same with their colleagues and loved ones.

As the champagne flowed and the jokes darted, the good times were infectious. One couldn’t help but notice, though, that the lasers were still firing in the background and that many engineers were still smiling in their clean-room huddles. That’s because, at 6pm on a Thursday, there was still much work to be done, …and that’s certainly a reason for all of us to celebrate!

Thank you again.


Optical Zonu