Optical Zonu Awarded Patent for Antenna and Propagation Status Monitoring in GPS over Fiber Optic Transport

Optical Zonu Awarded Patent for Antenna and Propagation Status Monitoring in GPS over Fiber Optic Transport

Innovative Feature Eliminates the Need for a Dedicated Web UI for Remote Antenna Status Monitoring, While Monitoring Fiber Link Status as Well

Optical Zonu Corp, a US carrier-approved supplier of RF-Over-Fiber and digital transport solutions, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a patent for one of its optical alarm reporting technologies. This feature, built into Optical Zonu’s GPS-over-fiber transport systems, grants carriers the ability to monitor the status of their remote antennas and fiber links by way of their current base station equipment and Network Management System. And, unlike other fiber transport solutions, it does this without the need for a dedicated SNMP link to some browser-based application, thereby offering carriers a truly seamless, “drop in” solution for both GPS-fiber-transport and antenna failure monitoring.

In Optical Zonu’s patented optical alarm reporting process, when the Fiber Transport Transmitter detects antenna failure, the laser in that channel modulates the optical signal. The Fiber Transport Receiver detects special modulation and removes the DC loads from the RF output connector center pins. This passes the alarm condition through to the base station equipment and the Network Management System (NMS) already in place, eliminating the need for the complexity of a dedicated SNMP data link to the NMS. Automatic switching augments the innovation to apply fail-safe mechanism for redundant systems. Furthermore, every connected Fiber Transport Receiver receives the same alarm message.

“This feature is a key part of the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of our GPS Fiber Transport,” said Gary Grimes, Director of Sales for Optical Zonu’s RF over Fiber division. “It makes it a truly ‘drop-in’ connection and the primary solution for US cellular carriers, both for long cable runs and for distribution of the GPS RF in C-RAN hubs or multi-sector macros.”

“It’s also yet another innovation from our U.S.-based engineering team,” said Meir Bartur, CEO of Optical Zonu. “We don’t just manufacture for some of the world’s top wireless and wireline carriers, as well as government agencies. We aim to stay at the forefront of practical fiber transport innovation.”