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In most situations, an end user of a fiber optic solution, also owns the physical fiber. For example, fiber is installed specifically to connect a remote antenna to a control room or distribute signals from roof antennas through a building or tunnel system. In some cases, however, fiber must be leased from a third party to connect, for example, different laboratories in different building across a city. In such applications it is not practical for an end customer to install fiber. Leased fiber can be expensive, therefore one is motivated to lease the least number of fibers as possible.


  • End customer may not own the fiber required to connect distant sites.
  • Leased fiber may be expensive and it is a recurring cost.
  • It is desired to minimize the number of fibers required to connect fiber optic equipment.


Clever use of CWDM can minimize the number of fibers required for RF signal transport between sites. In the example shown below, 8 RF signals (4 in each direction) are required to be transported between distant buildings. It is straightforward to multiplex 8 wavelengths onto a single leased fiber. Following the termination of the single fiber, bidirectional RF signals are required to be transported in a star-type architecture to 4 locations where the fiber is terminated. Clever configuration of the CWDM DEMUX in the figure shown, allows specific bi-directional wavelengths to be routed to specific end locations.

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