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The OZ9500 series is populated using OZ510, OZ514 or OZ516 linear optical modules in a 1U 19” rack mount chassis. The Chassis can be AC or DC powered. This custom-built product is capable of carrying up to 5 pairs (Tx and Rx combo). You may also request that each OZ9500 carry only Transmitters (Tx) or Receivers (Rx) or any mix there-off. The OZ9500 has the capacity to hold up to 9 Tx or 9 Rx modules. Standard operational frequency ranges between 47 MHz and 3 GHz but it can be extended to range from 10 KHz to 6 GHz. This chassis can include built in CWDM or WDM modules. The OZ9500 chassis can be built with local SNMP based management for remote monitoring of the chassis itself and all its internal modules as well as connectivity to manage other OZ9500 chassis (via USB Hub).

The OZ9500 can be powered using DC (+12 or -48 Volts) or 110-240 Volts AC. Dual redundant power supplies with automatic switching are standard for both. Front panel LED indicators enable a visual check of power supplies and cumulative link status. Alarm conditions are indicated via relay board (dry contact). Standard optical connectors are SC/APC or FC/APC. RF connectors are 50 Ohm SMA or QMA – others e.g. 75ohm BNC are available for special orders. Optional additional LNA (additional 20dB gain) or PA (Power Amplifier) with 17dBm output can be added to each optical module.

  • Houses up to 5 Pairs of OZ450, OZ510 or OZ516 modules
  • Houses up to 9Tx or 9Rx of OZ450, OZ510 or OZ516 modules
  • 1U, 19 x 15 in. chassis with optional 19 x12 in.
  • Front Panel Alarm Indicator
  • Dual Universal AC Power Supply
  • Dry Contact Alarm outputs per each Tx and Rx.
  • 0C to +60C Operating Temperature
  • MTTF exceeds 10 years at +50C
  • Internal WDM for single fiber functionality
  • Multimode Fiber Compatibility
  • CWDM wavelength lasers to allow transport of multiple RF channels over single fiber
  • 1.25 Gbps Ethernet Data Link
  • In‐Building DAS Solutions
  • Satcom
  • WiMax/4GLTE
  • Cellular Backhaul
  • MMDS
  • Remote Antenna Location
  • GPS Signal Distribution
  • Timing & Frequency Signal Distribution