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RF over Fiber Solutions

Optical Zonu’s broadband & ultra broadband RF over Fiber Optics (analog over fiber) products are suitable for transporting various Radio Frequency (RF) signals over optical fiber. Our fiber optic Inter-facility Links (IFL), available in various form factors, are capable of providing long or short distance uplink/downlink solutions that may be achieved using our cost effective isolated Fabry Perot Lasers, while professional and more demanding long distance or multi-carrier CWDM applications may be met using our wide dynamic range, regular or cooled DFB Lasers – delivering excellent signal quality under demanding conditions. Here is a list of some examples:

SFC™ Technology Solutions

SFC™ is the Edge Access Network Solution for delivery of Fiber Optic Commercial Data (IP/MPLS/Ethernet) Services in “Fiber-Starved” HFC and other telecommunications Networks. OZC provides the SFC™ technology with a complete line of products for Business Class Commercial Services. The OZC Value Proposition is that our SFC™ Technology DOUBLES FIBER CAPACITY (over CWDM implementation) and delivers Operational Benefits to Improve the Service Provider’s ROI, over both the short and long term.

Doubling Fiber Capacity (100% Fiber Recovery – or Cutting Fiber Usage in Half), SFC offers Benefits that flow directly to the Bottom Line:  Half the PassivesHalf the SplicesHalf the ConnectorsHalf the FITsHalf the Cost . Consuming half the Material, reducing the fiber installation Labor and failing half as often, SFC “Edge” Access Networks offer the MSO an Enduring Cost Advantage over its rivals, which translates into a superior Return on Investment (ROI) for the MSO, or other Service Provider, and its Investors.