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Cellular carriers have committed to rapid and widespread deployment of small cells in order to enhance network capacity by dedicating more resources to fewer users. Doing so also brings the network closer to mobile devices, thereby improving throughput and signal-to-noise ratios.

When a small cell is to be deployed that benefits multiple carriers, a DAS (Distributed Antenna System) driven by dedicated capacity is generally the most efficient approach. However, finding sufficient space to accommodate the base station equipment at the DAS head end for multiple carriers and multiple sectors is often problematic. It is common that one or more carriers will end up with base station equipment in a location some distance from the DAS head end. This may be a new site or the addition of sectors to an existing BTS location. The problem is then how to connect these base stations to the DAS head end location reliably and with a minimum of additional infrastructure and cost.

Featured DAS over Fiber Products (click to view)

Carrier Networks

ZONUConnect: Universal Fiber Transport System >>
A simple yet universal fiber optic transport system between any multi-sector base station and any DAS (Distributed Antenna System) from 300 feet to 16 miles away.
Public Safety/Two-Way Radio Networks
Public Safety Wireless Fiber Transport System >>
Compact, fiber optic interconnection from a base station to one or multiple locations. Supports VHF, UHF, 700 MHz & 800 MHz bands and all technologies for composite carriers or dedicated channels.
Developers / Single-Link Operators


Standalone Modules >>
Compact, standalone transceivers, which can be configured as individual transmitters or receivers. These perform well in single bidirectional and unidirectional link applications.
Custom Configurations
J-Series Modular Fiber System >>
Customizable solution for mixed services applications.

For board-integrated solutions and developers: 3 Ghz Component >>   6 Ghz Component >>

More about Optical Zonu’s DAS over Fiber Links

Optical Zonu’s DAS over fiber links are designed with the unique, exacting demands of major carriers and power users in mind. That’s why they are, first and foremost, reliable, simple to deploy, and very cost-effective.

  • Transparent Operation: Our BTS-DAS fiber transport links feature 0 dB loss and high dynamic range that ensures transparent operation for distances of 500 feet or 5 miles. Such performance also ensures compatibility with any DAS equipment whether inserted in front of or after the BTS conditioning unit.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Some of our links, like the BTS-DAS Fiber Transport System, can be configured to minimize the equipment needed for large DAS deployments with multiple sectors but few available optical fibers and limited space. The system can also be configured to connect one sector to multiple locations or multiple sectors to multiple locations.
  • Reliability: Optical Zonu has a large installed base of fiber optic systems with a very high record of reliability. The simplicity of the design and robustness of the packaging ensures a high MTBF.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Optical Zonu’s DAS over fiber links are priced to fit the budget of varying DAS deployments. Their efficient architecture minimizes the amount of hardware required as well as the number of fibers needed. Their simple installation also ensures a minimum cost of labor.
  • Availability: Optical Zonu’s short lead times accommodate urgent projects, fast replacements, and quick turnaround on system upgrades.