Fiber-Span Customers: OZC Can Support Your Fiber Transport Needs

Fiber-Span Customers: OZC Can Support Your Fiber Transport Needs

With the passing of Fiber-Span, there are many customers in the US, and internationally, who are now stuck with a product that is providing vital network timing and sync but is no longer supported.

Optical Zonu’s GPS Fiber Transport is widely deployed in every US cellular carrier’s network. It is now the primary solution for Verizon Wireless and the only solution approved by AT&T. Our GPS Fiber Transport replaces Fiber-Span units at a fraction of the cost and size. It also provides an easy-to-deploy solution for GPS distribution. Numerous C-RAN hubs in the US utilize Optical Zonu’s Fiber Transport to bring the GPS RF signal to every base band unit (BBU), using only one or two antennas. Auto-switchover redundancy is available, as well, for increased reliability.

System monitoring is also greatly simplified with Optical Zonu’s universal alarm pass through (patent pending). OZC GPS Fiber Transport solutions have been in the field for more than 10 years – without a failure!

Optical Zonu is a fast growing company based in Los Angeles that has made a long term commitment to providing cutting edge fiber GPS transport solutions to the wireless and networking industries globally. Manufacturing and product management have been set up specifically to guarantee long term availability of the products with fast turnaround support.

Contact Optical Zonu with your requirements and let us provide you a solution that is easy to deploy, robust and reliable, with support available anytime.