eFiberSAT and RF over Fiber

The challenge for many networks has always been the limited reach the RF cabling. This is due the location of the Antenna Sin respect to Network Operating Center (NOC) doesn’t always coincide with the limitations of coaxial cable. In many instances to support the coaxial limitations extensive building modifications are required. When using a fiber based eFiberSAT system the following issues are eliminated:

  • The antenna can be located in the most convenient location for the user
  • Infrastructure cabling can take the most convenient path due to the fact of the low loss, EMI/RFI immunity of fiber optic cabling
  • High capacity functionality architecture
  • In many application systems are used for military applications. The fiber interface allows for safe operation of the equipment at a safe distance in hostile environments
  • The architecture shown in figure 1 shows a typical bidirectional eFiberSAT system. This equipment can support fixed stations, ground deployments, campuses, mining/offshore and building requirements. These scenarios create a challenge for traditional systems. RF over Fiber based eFiberSAT systems can be deployed to provide the necessary coverage with minimal effort
  • Easy installation using only single strand of fiber, for simple plug-play set up
  • Low maintenance

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