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Optical Zonu Corporation continues to garner media recognition

Exploring GNSS Timing Applications Using RF-over-Fiber Oftentimes people confuse truly remarkable technologies with the mundane simply because “it just works.” There is no evidence of this quite like with wireless communication. There are countless mission-critical data transactions happening every moment across industries including telecommunications, finance, power & utilities, navigation and military & defense. The accuracy and…


Optical Zonu – In the Press, with Everything RF

Considered by many to be the leading experts in RF over Fiber technologies, applications and solutions, Optical Zonu was asked to prepare an article for the Everything RF website.  The topic is GNSS Timing for RFoF applications. You can visit the article on line here  Exploring GNSS Timing Applications Using RF-over-Fiber Oftentimes people confuse…


GPS vs GNSS: Timing Sync Explained

Welcome to Optical Zonu’s comprehensive guide on GPS and GNSS timing synchronization. Understanding the nuances of GPS and GNSS in the realm of timing sync is crucial for industries relying on precise timing. In this article, we will explore what GPS and GNSS are, how they function in timing synchronization, and the key differences between…

June 13, 2024June 14, 2024In Blog

Navigating High-Frequency Links: Unveiling Optical Zonu’s Solutions for Low Latency in L-Band and Beyond

In the dynamic landscape of telecommunications, where speed, reliability, and low latency reign supreme, high-frequency links have emerged as the backbone of modern communication networks. As industries increasingly demand rapid data transmission, particularly in sectors like aerospace, defense, and telecommunications, the need for cutting-edge solutions capable of handling L-Band and above frequencies with minimal latency…

May 31, 2024May 31, 2024In Blog

Optical Zonu Corporation highlighted on Everything RF Website

As seen on Across industries, applications and deployment fields, wireless communication is happening more often but the need to transmit radio frequency (RF) signals over extended distances in cables (“wires”) with minimal loss is growing at a significant pace. This is especially challenging now that higher frequency bands are deployed to take advantage of higher…


J3U N+1 Redundancy ..

Many redundant signal architectures may be constructed in Optical Zonu’s J3U chassis platform. 1+1 architectures are common, however as a spare transmitter/receiver pair are required for each primary transmitter/receiver pair, the cost and rack space required by such a redundant system may become prohibitive. N+1 architectures require a spare transmitter/receiver pair for each N transmitter/receiver…


Advancing Connectivity: Exploring GPS for Base Station and Cutting-Edge Optical Solutions

Introduction: In the rapidly evolving landscape of telecommunications, the demand for high-performance, reliable, and secure connectivity is more critical than ever. Companies like Optical Zonu Corporation are at the forefront, pioneering innovative solutions that redefine the way we approach communication technologies. In this blog post, we’ll delve into key areas where Optical Zonu excels, including…

January 29, 2024January 29, 2024In Blog

OZC Nets Cover Article in Microwave Journal

Due to Optical Zonu’s significant growth we are attracting a lot of attention.  This month our co-founder and CEO, Meir Bartur, was the feature story in Microwave Journal.  Meir was asked to discuss his views and the role of RF over Fiber in the future of an autonomous military.  You can read the entire article…

January 16, 2024January 16, 2024In Blog, News

Fiber Delay Line Use Case: Communication System Synchronization

System Overview:    – In a communication system where precise timing is critical, such as in telecommunications networks or data centers, maintaining synchronization between different components is essential. Scenario:    – Consider a scenario where data transmission between various devices must occur with minimal latency and precise timing. Components Involved:    **Transmitters:** Devices that send…

December 15, 2023January 9, 2024In Blog

OZC Highlighted for Aviation and Airports

As seen in Aviation Pros  Each year, the busy Holiday season is a wakeup call for airport operators in charge of providing ubiquitous cellular connectivity to support staff, customers and the many other amenities expected of a modern facility. Given the growing reliance and importance of digital technologies such as mobile ticketing and wayfinding…

December 13, 2023December 13, 2023In Blog, News