Customer Reports EdgeSwitch® Reads Micro-OTDR










A Customer informs us that his EdgeSwitch® Managed Gigabit Fiber Switch reads out the Micro-ODTR data without firmware modifications being required.

This is good news for EdgeSwitch® users, because it opens up the possibility of upgrading their network to exploit the benefits of the Micro-OTDR feature, with minimum Engineering effort.

Other Switch models with this same capability – refreshing A0 when prompted – are also capable of reading the Micro-OTDR without a firmware change.

With the Micro-OTDR feature:

  • The location of an optical fiber fault can be known instantaneously.
  • Technicians can arrive on the scene in time to catch the fault-causing culprits.
  • With the culprits nabbed, their Insurance can cover the costs of the network repair.
  • With earlier access to the scene, the optical fiber owner can complete the repairs quickly.

With typical optical fiber repair costs ranging upwards of $20,000 per incident, the investment in Micro-OTDR SFPs might pay back in as little as one (1) network outage.  It eliminates the detection time component of the repair costs and reduces the chances of a recurrence.