OZC, Sincron Systemi and US Embassy Italy to Present Virtual Event

Save the Date: Webinar – May 26, 2021 10:30AM CEST

RFoF Symposium with Optical Zonu and Sincron Sistemi 
Presented by US Commercial Services and Hosted by the US Embassy in Italy
we invite you to pre-register as soon as possible by clicking this link

Optical Zonu in collaboration with its Italian reseller Sincron Sistemi and with the support of US Commercial services and hosted by the Italian Embassy of the United States of America, presents –

Understanding the Benefits of
Advanced Solutions for Synchronization,
Data Centers, TLC, Satcom, & Defense

To be held online Wednesday 26 May 2021 at 10:30 (CEST)

Attendance to this symposium is free, but by reservation only. If you are interested in attending, we invite you to pre-register as soon as possible by clicking this link or by sending an email to Dr. Luca Tritto at [email protected] or by mobile at +39 335 7526574.

This event will be held in partnership with Sincron Sistemi, the Italian reseller of Optical Zonu, a company that operates in the field of professional synchronization, network and radio frequency solutions, the US Embassy in Italy and US Commercial Services here in Los Angeles.

The event, which will be held online, will last one hour plus a half hour of open-room discussion and Q&A for the participants. and will be structured as follows: after a brief introduction by the Department of Commerce of the United States and a brief welcome by Optical Zonu and Sincron Sistemi, will be followed by technical sessions lasting 30 minutes which will consist of three different virtual rooms (Data, Aerospace and Defense, Wireless Carriers) participants will be invited to choose the break out session they would like to join with the most relevance to their needs and requirements.

Within the three breakout rooms the following topics will be covered.


Digital uOTDR Transceivers & Switches
Optical Zonu offers a wide range of SFP / SFP + modules with additional functionality to detect, locate (with an accuracy of a few meters) and report any faults on fiber breaks in real time via SNMP. Optical Zonu has developed a patented micro-OTDR solution that drastically reduces Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) and provides a huge benefit for critical applications where service levels really matter.

Aerospace / Defense 

In this section we will discuss Optical Zonu solutions suitable for the Defense and Space markets. Optical Zonu has numerous solutions in this field:

 is a compact, highly reliable, easy to install and maintain and cost-effective solution for making RF over Fiber connections between satellite antennas and the NOC over distances from 100 meters to more than 10 Km. , which can be monitored via SNMP.

Microwave Modules & Systems:
OZC offers many modular and stand-alone solutions for the transport of RF signals on optical fiber with a frequency range from a few KHz up to frequencies above 40GHz, suitable for countless fields of use (Radar, Satcom, etc ..) .

Satellite Phone In
 – Building System: solutions for indoor use of satellite phones, both direct connect and re-radiation.

Wireless Carrier 

In this section all the solutions suitable for the world of Telecommunications and Synchronization will be dealt with. This section will include the following topics and products:

GPS Over Fiber Modules and Systems:
single and modular solutions for the optical conversion of the GNSS signal (also on the L2 band) and for distribution to the GNSS equipment. These solutions are suitable for the Telecom world (for base-stations where the installation of antennas in urban areas can be difficult) or for Data Centers, where it is more convenient to install only 2 redundant antennas to serve different customers.

Zonu Connect: 
Optical Zonu has a unique and universal solution for connecting each Base Station with any DAS (Distributed Antenna System) system, via Optical Fiber, this is a true neutral host solution. Optical Zonu is able to provide a solutions to enable the use of a minimum number of fibers and the minimum footprint in terms of real estate and rack space,  providing the best solutions at the lowest possible cost.

Antenna Extender:
 Optical Zonu can supply products for cellular signal coverage in indoor environments, for areas (warehouses, underground environments and / or tunnels) where cellular coverage is not present and an extension is required.

Attendance to this symposium is free, but by reservation only.

If you are interested in attending, we invite you to pre-register as soon as possible by email to
Dr. Luca Tritto at [email protected] or by mobile at +39 335 7526574.

A link for online registration will be available shortly.