US Embassy Italy Virtual Event – Major Success

Optical Zonu in collaboration with our Italian resale Partner Sincron Sistemi and with support from US Commercial services and hosted by the Italian Embassy of the United States of America, Presented a Webinar o the benefits of RF over Fiber. The webinar was a tremendous success!  There were over 70 attendees representing 30 different Italian companies.  All attendees joined the main room for introductions from the Embassy staff of Optical Zonu Corporation and Sincron Sistemi.  Both companies had the opportunity to share some detailed information about who they are, what they do and the benefits of RFoF Over Fiber.  Then attendees moved to their preselect breakout rooms where they learned about our Data, Aerospace and Defense and Wireless Carrier, solutions.

A post webinar survey showed
58.3% Positive and
41.7% extremely positive responses!




More then 20 of the attendees have already requested links to the videos of the presentations.  If you would like to view the videos of the main room or any or all of the breakout rooms, please use the links below.

Main Room

Breakout: Aerospace and Defense

Breakout: Data

Breakout: Wireless Carriers