GPS Re-Radiate

When we talk about GPS over Fiber, GPSoF, most think about timing for a Data Center or a Cellular Base Station.  There are many other applications for GPS.  GPS, or Global Positioning System, is often used for positioning, tracking vehicles, or people.  We rely on GPS for directions on our phones.

One application is on airplanes.  Recently, we provided a company a GPSoF solution to rebroadcast the signal in a hanger.  For this company GPS is critical for their planes as they drop Fire Retardant on forest fires.  As they work on these planes in their hangers they can’t get a signal from the satellites.  Currently, to do verification after maintenance, the other solution is to roll the plane out of the hanger.  With the GPSoF deployed they can perform the maintenance and test, without moving the plane.  The convenience and time savings is substantial.

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